[Music] Howling

“And I bow down to my vices again / And I worship at your feet again / Howling”

When I was young, my brother and I used to watch movies I was much to young to watch (so he was not old enough, either). The sort of movies people nowadays like to see as possible puzzle piece for the mystery of what drives remorseless bastards to kill people they barely know.

There are a few things those video escapades of my youth currently tell me:

1) It is damn easy to impress a pre-teen boy
2) Things I did not understood back then were things that would not transfer to my memory well.

One of my personal examples for this is the movie “Howling II”. A long time I have tried a lot of things to get hold on this film because I remembered it to have some very impressive takes on werewolves and werewolf cults as well as a nice “werewolf-witch vs witch-hunter” story line. A couple of years ago, a (cut) version was finally released for sale as part of a complete “Howling” collection (it is amazing how many sequels the original “Howling” has) and so, I was finally able to break the spell, as the movie is only impressive in being ridiculous. Okay, it is always nice to see the Sybill Danning and the girls as well as Christopher Lee, my one and only true personification of Dracula.

So, even if the movie was rather disappointing (but still funny enough if you are into trash films and enjoying those with some good friends for laughs) I am still happy to have seen it again. It reminded me of a song that was part of the movie which I like a lot. The title is “Howling” from a band named “Babel“. This slow track works very well for me, I even consider it a love song (if perhaps one of the more carnal kind).

The line I opened this post with is NOT the lyrics, by the by. The lyrics you can find below (at least, I hope I got them right). No, the opening line of this post it is what I once thought to hear. Made sense to me back then, I did not know how to spell proper (and perhaps I still do not).

Anyway, give the music video a chance. It features two pretty dames (and I like the film partner of Miss Danning even more than herself here, she somehow transports the she-wolf image a lot better)

In the pale, pale light.
pale, pale light
the moonglow.

I’ve got a hunger that’s emotional
a hunger that i can´t control.

I’m alone now, in my room again.
on the prowl now through your dreams again.


Since the world began.

Things come in and out
things come in and out of fashion.

Some things never change,
some things just stay the same.


And the forest
looks so green again.
And i worship
at your feet again..


Since the world began

Ever since the world began

With your cold, cold eyes.
cold, cold eyes
you’re a demon

Just one kiss away,
just one kiss away from passion.

And i bow down
to my knees again.
And i  worship
at your feet again..


Since the world began


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