[CH] Edges, Pushes, Torques… and Trouble

Disclaimer: The rules effect  of the current version of Chthonian Highways discussed below is unlikely to come into play all to often, but can raise it head never the less.  And as you might have noted by now, the devil is in the details and so am I.

…oh, and it is a re-post of a contribution of mine to the official google+ group of Ironspine

According to the rules of the current Alpha-Kit there are two options to gain additional dice for a skill check that are beneficial: “Edges” and “Pushes” (and Torques, as they provide the option for a free “Push”).

These additional dice increase the chances to gain a Torque… and the chances to trigger a Trouble, too. The latter is odd. In case of an “Edge”, the character is meant to benefit from circumstances, but the chance for a Trouble is increased as well, as any dice of a Skill check with a result of “1” triggers a Trouble. Of course, an Edge is still a major benefit overall, as the chances for success are increased significantly. But I still consider the raised chance for Trouble worth mentioning.

This little oddity can turn into a painful sting to a player that gained additional dice through the “Push” mechanic, as the player takes a penalty (in the form of Strain) and might end up with this additional dice causing him trouble (literally).

It is possible that this is “intended by design” by the game rules in order to generate a cinematic game experience where more spectacular things tend to happen, both good and bad.  But if it is perceived as an unwanted side-effect, it can be eliminated by adding the following rule:

“With the exception of a Handicap, additional skill check dice cannot trigger a Trouble”.

This will of course force a player to roll the additional dice separately or to use dice with a different color, but such should not lead to a major interruption of flow of the game.


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