Death is golden in tooth and eye

(…) The roof of the house collapsed a long time ago, only the walls are still standing with the jagged upper edges pointing up to clouds above. When the character take a look through the empty windows or the crumbling door frame they will become aware of the corpses inside the ruin. Eight of them are placed in two orderly rows of four, on a rectangle of the floor that was cleared of all the debris that covers the remaining ground. All the corpses are grotesquely swollen, naked and their skin is as grey as the ruin and looks as if powdered. The lips have shriveled so that they seem to grit their teeth, teeth that are all made of gleaming gold as are their eyes which stare up to the rolling clouds above.

Anybody who steps into the ruin will soon experience a strange sensation in the nose and the mouth and after a few moments they will begin to look greyish and powdered, too. Every move they make swirls up small particles akin to fine dust that will adhere to them. It is impossible to dust those off as long as one stays inside of the ruin and even after leaving the dust will drift back onto the person unless the person walks or runs while doing so, or washes it off. Those who do not remove the strange dust will go blind after about an hour and have trouble breathing while their teeth begin to turn to gold. After about another hour they will suffocate as their throat swells shut and their eyes turn to gold.

The place is the sacred ground of a group of cultists who live nearby. Those of them who are called in their dreams will come to the place and lay down naked, waiting for the dust to kill and change them. Each full moon the cultists remove the corpses from the building and burn them upon a prepared funeral pyre (and dust themselves off before, of course). When the fire has burned to the ground they gather the golden eyes and teeth form the ashes and add them to a large mosaic in their settlement which they created in worship of a mad god.


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