I -hate- D4! *shakes fist!*

I hate D4. I really do. This is a fact I learned about myself recently, as a friend of mine started a game of The Dark Eye (“Das Schwarze Auge” in German) while adapting the Savage Worlds rules for it. Why did this experience told me that I hate D4? Because it forced me to actually use a D4 for the first time! This little fragger is the un-dice-iest of dice I have ever encountered, and I have been gaming for more than two decades by now! I learned the hard way that a D4 can be a pain as I once stepped upon one that my cat had somehow pawed out of the bowl I store my dice in, but the true pain is rolling it. It does -not- roll! NO! IT! DOES! NOT!!! I will eradicate it from my games and replace it with a D3 (1D6 divided by two), screw the “4″ !!  …but this post is not about my rage but about a contest of JL Duncan.

Please do not ask me who JL Duncan is. I don´t know the guy. Really, I don´t. I just stumbled upon him and his blog as I read his contest announcement in the Goblinoid Games forum. His contest is rather simple: he created a one-panel-comic featuring a D4 and a magic-8-ball, and the contestants are to make suggestions for the “dialog”.

Oh, I bloody know what the dialog is! In my world there is just ONE dialog for that! …but that is me, you have other ideas perhaps. Why don´t you go over and make your own suggestion? There is nothing to gain but your name being mentioned, but then again there is nothing you have to do but to come up with about three lines of comic text… go ahead! Go over there! Create an entry! The fact that you have read this blog post already confirms that you have nothing else to do anyway!


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