[SHA] Good things come in small packages

Hi everybody!

It is time for some shameless house-advertising again, and this time I offer you a magic, radioactive, post-apocalyptic future… as one neat bundle with a bargain price.  Read on for my new product bundle announcement…

A new bundle has been released by me, offering Gregorius21778: The Radioactive Spellbook and Gregorius21778: Radioactive Curses for a reduced price.

The Radioactive Magic [BUNDLE] is my second bundle up for sale and contains a multitude of curses and spells, together with some new characters classes and monsters. All of them are compatible with both Labyrinth Lord(tm) and Mutants & Mazes(tm), and should be compatible with a lot of other OSR games.

The same is true for my stand-alone,  Pay-what-you-want product Road Magic: a list of spells that are useful for wizards and warlocks traveling by car.

Talking about cars, my Loot tables for stuff inside of post-apocalyptic battlecars is part of a bundle as well: together with Looks & Details of post-apocalyptic marauders and Looks & Loot of degenerated underground dwellers it forms my Post-Apocalyptic Bundle 001. Don´t say that nobody would wrap-up the post-apocalypse for you!

Please follow the links in the text above and have a look.

Oh! And I am always looking for bloggers to review my products


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