[DH2nd] The warp-infested Dead

Time for some DarkHeresy again. In 2011 the FFG-Forum user Brother-Captain Belfire had asked for input regarding a game centered on a zombie infestation on a graveyard world. For those who are not familiar with DH: the setting includes a lot of single-purpose planets, including worlds that are solely used for entombing the dead (as war heroes and/or holy person is resting there and a lot of people take up a lot of effort to be buried there, too) and some daemonic entities that can either animate or possess the dead (and some non-daemonic entities doing so, but that is a different matter altogether). My contribution to his request for input: a small number of “special zombies” to beset his players with.

All of these zombies are (stat-wised) based on the following warpzombie profile. These stats are meant to depict a corpse animated by a baleful warp entity, hungering for the living. These warp-zombies are capable of speech, but usually only make use of it to threaten a victim with its impending death in a short sentence. The GM is encouraged to give each of them a Fear 1 trait, but after the first or second encounter this should be ignored for all but “Special Zombies” and/or special circumstance. It would otherwise bog down the game, get boring and would make the players feel less heroic than acolytes  of the inquisition should be.

Warpzombie [Wounds:20 Move: 2 / 4 / 16* / 12]

WS:30     BS:30     S:40(8)    T:40(6)   AG:20    INT:30    PER:20    FEL:15      WP:30

WS:40      BS:20     S:50(10)   T:40(6)  AG:20   INT:20    PER:20   FEL:15     WP:40

Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive); Crushing Blow; Fearless; Frenzy (triggered after an initiated grapple); Hungry Sprint*; Resistance (Psychic Powers); From Beyond;

Skills: Awareness; Silent Move; Concealment; Intimidation+10;

Traits: Dark Sight; Strange Physiology; Unnatural Toughness(x2); Unnatural Strength(x2); Unclean & Unhallowed; The Walking Dead, The Rending; Unnatural Senses (2 Meters; Warp); Infectious;

Weapons: Dead Hands (1d10+6/8; Primitive(6); I); Improvised Weapon (1w10+8/10; Primitive(7); will break on a damage role of 9 or 10).

*Hungry Sprint: as the Sprint talent, but only useable with the Charge action. The proximity of a tasty living target to devour makes a warp-zombie throwing itself forward with unexpected speed.

The Walking Dead: They have no need for breath, food or sleep. They cannot be stunned, are immune to fatigue, cold/heat and toxics/diseases and (in the case of a “special zombie”) cannot be destroyed with critical damage results other than those of “head” and “body”.

Unclean & Unhallowed: Damage from holy/blessed weapons is doubled. The same is true for fire & flames.

The Rending: In a grapple, the warp-zombies use their nails, teeth and strength to literally tear the victim apart. If taking the Damage Action in a grapple a warp-zombies inflict 1d10+8 rending damage with the “Primitive(8)” & “Tearing” quality. Frenzy is already taken into account for this.

Infectious: After each combat where a PC suffered actual wounds from unarmed zombie attacks a Toughness(+0) needs to be passed. If failed, the wound will start to suffer from fever within (TB) minutes. This will cause a level of Fatigue which can only be countered with drugs or medical treatment (Medicine+20;  a First-Aid-Kit or similar is needed). If the fever is not treated the PC will lose 1d5 wounds and Toughness during the next hours (1 point per hour). It is up to the GM if the Toughness loss is permanent or will be regenerated after the adventure. The effect does not “stack”.

[Special Zombie: The Blasphemous]
The unclean spirit that inhabits this corpse shouts forth a stream of blasphemies with a daemonic voice that stains the soul while fighting. After (WPB) rounds of combat, each pc hearing the zombie must pass an ordinary(+10) Willpower test or gain a corruption point (Insanely Faithful Talent allows a re-role). This pc has to repeat this every (WPB) rounds until The Blasphemous is slain. Furthermore, the ongoing sermon of ungodliness will thin the warp after 1d5+5 turns. As a result all rolls for Psychic Phenomena are immediately treated as “Perils of the Warp”. Last but not least, all Zombies gain the Hatred(Clerics) talent as long as the Blasphemous is present.

[Special Zombie: Host of Decay]
Changes: Willpower+10; Fear 2 (much more decayed)

A successful test for Psyniscience(+10) will tell that this zombie reeks even more of foul energies, while each level of success will reveal its true powers. Each time this zombie parries or his attacks are parried there is a 50% change that the weapon will break, not matter what it is. For ease of use the GM may rule that this will happen if the roll to parry (by either the Zombie or the PC) was uneven.

After each round of combat a character spends within 4m of a Host of Decay he or she temporarily loses a point of Toughness. PC that lose half of their Toughness will collapse for 1d5 minutes. The attribute damage returns with a rate of 1 point per hour. A melee weapon that was used to deal the final blow to this zombie drops one stead in quality as the unbound foul energies break free, and weapons of poor quality are destroy as they decay to uselessness instantly.

[Special Zombie: Legion]
A group of zombies that are are all controlled by one and the same Warp-Spirit (Willpower: 50). The GM only rolls for initiative once and all Zombies gain the Double-Team Talent (leading to an effective +20 WS bonus if two or more zombies are able to gang up on one pc). The coordination and/or simultaneousness of their action is eerie enough to give them Fear 1, even if the pc already encountered a fair share of warp-zombies.

[Special Zombie: Undead Noble]
A corpse of former nobleman. It was buried within ceremonial armor and weaponry (feudal plate without headgear and either a best quality great weapon or a common quality energy sword). The zombies gains +15 to WS and AG and the Blade Master, Combat Master; Counter-Attackand Wall of Steel Talents. Furthermore, the zombie does not have the “Strange Physiology” trait. Instead, it gains the True Grit Talent and the PC have to go all the way through the critical table with this one (which means: till a critical wound leads to “death”).

[Special Zombie: Master of Flies]
A thick swarm of buzzing meat flies surrounds this zombie which itself is ridden with fat, squirming maggots (Fear 2). The fly swarm is “worth” a (-15) penalty on WS / BS tests made by a PC that are engaged by the flies. The Zombie can “send” part of this swarm (in “chunks” of -5 penalties) after any PC as half action. Once send after a target the swarm (-5; -10 or -15 “strong”) will move towards the it with a speed of 30m each round and it will stay with the target until the Master of Flies is destroyed.

The Master of Flies loses the “Strange Physiology” trait and instead gains the True Grit Talent so that the PC have to go all the way through the critical table with this one (which means: till a critical wound leads to “death”). In addition, the Zombie gains the Corrupted Flesh Mutation (DH p.335; each critical damage the Zombie receives calls for Fear(-10) tests due to ever-more horrid visuals.

[Special Zombie: The Daemonic]
This zombie is inhabited by a particular powerful warp entity and sparks of baleful energy play around its hovering body.

Normal WS:30 BS:30 S:40(8) T:40(8) AG:20 INT:30 PER:30 FEL:15 WP:40(8)

Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive); Fearless; Resistance (Psychic Powers); Psy Rating (2);

Skills: Awareness+10; Intimidation+10; Invocation+10; Psyniscience+10;

Traits: Dark Sight; Strange Physiology; Unnatural Toughness(x2); Unnatural Strength(x2); Unclean & Unhallowed; The Walking Dead, Unnatural Senses (8 Meters; Warp); Infectious; From Beyond; Fear 2; Hoverer (5);

Psychic Powers:  up to the GM (!)


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