[CH] The Skeleton & the Cannibals

Warning/Disclaimer: the following blog post is part of my conversion of the CARCOSA adventure The Fungoid Garden of the Bone Sorcerer into a Chthonian Highway adventure. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS°!

The monstrous black skeleton [Hex 0805]
A mere human skeleton might end up being completely overlooked by my players. After all, they don´t walk the wasteland but will be driving around by car. So, I decided to change this entry into a monstrous black skeleton the size of house. It will at first look to them like the remains of five gigantic snake that cross another at different points but when they look closer they will see that this is ONE skeleton with the different segments. In addition, the skeleton seems to be made of black stone instead of black or blacked bone. All of this has nothing to do with the current adventure, there is nothing to be discovered but (as the original hex) is just a selected piece of oddness added to the mix.

The cave of the mad cannibals [Hex 1506]
Inside of this hex a cave within a rock formation is home to a group of nine crazed survivors. They once have belonged to a convoy but something they have encountered or done has robbed them of their minds and turned them into grunting, screaming and ravening savages. Use of modern equipment is beyond them and they fight with simple weapons and one of them will use a loaded (but secured) half-automatic pistol like a he would use a rock in his fist. They used to be more, perhaps twice their number, but their current state dooms them to a slow death in a largely hostile environment. When they cannot find or hunt enough food they begin to turn upon another and kill the weakest member to consume him. The cave they have their lair in is littered with bones and reeks of excrements, but if characters search the gruesome place they will be able to find some minor valuable objects (perhaps 2d6 x5 in bits).

When the characters move to the hex the roving cannibals will spot them and try to charge them. When the PC travel by car and try to just drive away the cannibals will run after them like dogs chasing cars. When they mow half of them down with automatic weapons, the other half will still charge. Actually fighting this madmen face to face will call for a Sanity Check with a Fear Rating [5] and 1d4 points of Stress on a failure, for what those madmen wear clearly shows that they might have been completely normal perhaps two weeks ago. This encounter will not be helpful in finding the Clan of Fungal Garden, too, but is just an encounter.



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