[CH] Whatever has happened here…

What ever has happened here…

Warning/Disclaimer: the following blog post is part of my conversion of the CARCOSA adventure The Fungoid Garden of the Bone Sorcerer into a Chthonian Highway adventure. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS°!

[Sub-Hex 1611] The end of a convoy
A number of demolished wrecks mark the site of a battle that happened weeks ago and has been the end of a convoy. Two pick-up trucks and a van are located in sight of another while a sand buggy can be found behind a nearby low hill. The sand buggy´s side is bend inwards like it was rammed by something and it has been turned onto its head. One of the pick-up trucks rests on its side and has many scratches on its upturned half, each of them two inches wide, while the other has its hood flatted into the ground like something large and heavy stomped onto it. The van has its left front bashed in and something has punched a hole into its side, the side door has been torn out and can be found a dozen meters away. All of these wrecks have clearly been here for weeks by now.

A quick check makes it clear that scavengers have been here already, but if the characters try to salvage the wrecks and pass a DL:15 Skill Check for Repair they are able to acquire spare parts worth 2d6x 20 bits (but no fuel). Sifting through the interior of the cars reveals large stains of dried blood and some other clues to the fight that must have happened here (a single shoe with old blood splatters, a torn jacket brown with old blood, broken glasses, a shattered ammo clip of an automatic weapon). If the characters check the surrounding they won´t find tracks or hints to whatever have done this.

This POI is another little reminder of what the world of Chthonian Highways can be like, and that they might encounter things they cannot deal with. If they spend a night in the region it might be fun to have something LARGE and noisy in the distance. Something that wails and moans in the dark but passes by. Additionally, the remains of the convoy could become a tie-in into future scenarios. Vehilces with survivors (or cultists, or bandits) don´t appear out of thin air. All of them start from somewhere, perhaps there is another camp or citadel to be discovered.


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