[CH] Meet Hank

Warning/Disclaimer: the following blog post is part of my conversion of the CARCOSA adventure The Fungoid Garden of the Bone Sorcerer into a Chthonian Highway adventure. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS°!

[Sub-Hex 3114] Hank, the Exiled
I am not sure where to really locate the encounter, but I guess that hex is as good as any other. Instead of the NPC described in  CARCOSA I am going to introduce Hank, the Exiled from the Fungoid Garden. Hank is a young man of 20 years, with broad shoulders but a now scrawny appearance due to the little food the hostile environment offers. His beard and long hair are stringy, and despite his young age he visibly begins to bald at the top of his head. Hank used to be a member of the Clan of the Fungoid Garden (whom the PC are after), but he was exiled about two month ago. One of his fellowmen accused him of planning to murder their leader in an attempt to make them leave the “garden”, but it was a ruse so that his denouncer could gain the trust of their leader. The fake evidence (a loaded gun hidden away near his sleeping place) placed enough doubt so that Hank was exiled. While Hank was never fine with the experimenting with the fungal created drugs he would have never betrayed his clan, as they meant ALL to him. He is alone now and longs for company, not only because he knows very well that his survival is at stake but because he slowly loses reason to go on like that: leading the existence of an animal that just exists to survive. He now is a lonely nomad, traveling the surrounding land to hunt and gather. All of his gear, he made himself from what he could scavenge

He knows enough of the People of Consumed God to stay away from them, for they would sacrifice him to their god. He does not know the exact details of their “deity”, but he is sure that they worship the Old Ones. The cannibals scare him, but he scouts on them now and then as he feels that their number will dwindle quickly and in the end, he wants to kill those who are left to take their possessions. He knows the wrecks at subhex 1611 and has scavenged a few things from there and he knows the ruins at subhex 2325* and scavenges them often in hope of finding just something useful. One of the most important locations to him is the monolith at 2608*, so. The monolith began to call to him in his dreams a couple of nights after he found it. He cannot stay next to it as some of the People of the Consumed God and some of the people of his own clan visit it as well now and then. The secret of the Monolith is known to him and he once ambushed and killed one of visitors from the People of the Consumed God to see the writings on it.

They burned into his mind and gave him visions in feverish dreams. It took many nights before they revealed a secret to him. He now knows words to speak, a summoning that will help to conceal himself from the attention of the things that now walk on this earth. All he needs to do is to cut his left hand and smear the blood from the small wound over his face.

[Chthonian Highways:: Rite of the Red Humbling] Creatures of the Mythos and those NSC with a Madness of 3+ suffer a Handicap against all attempts to note a character who performed the Rite of Red Humbling on himself. If a creature of the Mythos is attacked by a character that benefits from the Rite, the attacking character will suffer horrible dreams during his or her next sleep that call for a Sanity Check with Fear Rating:15 and a 1d20 Stress Intensity. Learning the ritual, either by vision dreams or by being taught the rite and the unnatural words that are spoke in it,  calls for a Sanity Check with Fear Rating:6 and a 1d6 Stress Intensity.

Hank will openly approach the characters when he meets them, for he has seen them in his dreams, but is unsure what their encounter means to him. He will share most of his knowledge willing wit the characters if they share food and water with him and he will even join them if offered. If the character want him to join them in an attack onto his former clansmen they will need to pass a an Influence Skill check [DL: 18] which the GM should roll in secret. On a failure, Hank will join them but betray them on the first opportunity and alarm the clansmen, as he hopes to regain favor through this deed.




*Both are still to come in a future conversion article


2 thoughts on “[CH] Meet Hank

  1. Are you in any way involved in Chthonian Highways’ development, or just an enthusiastic alpha tester?

    I have gotten my copy of Carcosa just recently. Aaach warum schreib ich englisch?! Der Endzeitport sieht erstaunlich passend aus. Würdest du CH mit dem eigenen System empfehlen oder eher mit LotFP oder Labyrinth Lord?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me? Involved in anything than my own little schemes to coerce people into spending money on my humble attempts at commercial success? No, not at all. I just love most kind of post-apocalyptic settings and I am very found of the original ideas of H.P. Lovecraft and those who try to adept those into RPG

      …und ich habe KEINE Ahnung warum du dich in dem Versuch ergehst dich in einem englischen Blog, welches von einem nicht-muttersprachler als solches geführt wird, ausgerechnet auf Englisch unterhalten zu wollen. Völlig abwegig, bar jeder Grundlage. Ein völliger HIRBIS! 🙂

      Ich bin noch nicht ganz sicher was ich von dem CH-System halten soll, hoffe aber es ausprobieren zu können wenn meine üblichen Verdächtigen aus Ihrem Auslandsurlaub zurück sind (rate mal, was da wo sie sind gesprochen wird… genau…). Labyrinth Lord? Dann doch eher Mutants&Mazes (der Cross-Over zwischen LabyrinthLord und MutantFuture). LotFP trifft es eher von der Stimmung her, ist aber zu sehr dem Fantasy-Background verhaftet (zumindest in der Freebee-Variante). CH scheint großen Wert auf Fahrzeuge zu legen.. und ich frage mich immer noch, wie gut das geht ;0). Wenn ich den CH Background (der ja eigentlich noch SEHR vage ist) auf ein anderes System portieren sollte, würde ich wohl eher FATE nehmen: es ist wesentlich flexibler und bietet von vorne herein sowohl geistigen als auch körperlichen Schaden an. [EDIT: Himmel..ich sollte um die Uhrzeit echt nichts mehr schreiben… oder nichts mehr ohne Autokorrektur…]

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