[SHA]Special Halloween Discount

Halloween is raising its pumpkin head over the horizon and you might want to create a special RPG session for your friends. And what would be better than a little generator for strange & cruel titles? Thereby, I offer you a deal that is even BETTER than that of the Halloween sale on drivethrurpg.com! Advertisements

Cedrans for LL/OSR

Time goes by and life keeps me busy. While my friends have returned from their trip to the USA I still did not find the time to finish my adventure conversion/preperation for Chthonian Highways. But on the other hand, I did not made any new attempts at publishing or creating blog posts either. The later, […]

Be afraid, and think big!

I just stumbled about this German news bit from n-tv.de. It is about an American business man who turned a former nuclear missile silo into a rather big bunker complex …with the fallout-shelter-equivalent of luxury apartments! While most of you people won´t understand a word (the whole bit is of course in German) the pictures […]