[DH2nd/FATE] The Circuit-Lance

In 2011 – 2015 I have been rather active in the GM sections of the FFG-Forum, at least in regard to DarkHeresy. In hindside these were great times, there were people that had ideas (or sometimes just typical first-world-GM “problems”) and wanted some (further) input from somebody else. A wonderful, fertile soil for creativity.  I wrote a lot of little RPG bits like equipment, NPC, scenes, psychic power, monster or mission hooks back then… and now I can mine it for my blog, to present them to you in a polished version. Without further proem, I want to share with you the Circuit-Lance (for DH2nd and for FATE).

A Circuit-Lance is a heretek-weapon which needs special training to be used properbly. It looks similar to a halberd made of non-conductive alloys, but instead of an axe blade it features a row of nasty spikes. Redundant wires and cable wind and coil down along the shaft, from starting at the lance tip and the spikes and ending at an energy cell and a trigger near the point where the wielder will have his hands. The weapon is intended against servitors, tech-priest and other cybernetic beings. Hereteks are know to arm the guards of their lairs with such weapons in the case of an assault by the Cult Mechanicus.

Circuit-Lance (Stats / DH2nd)

Exotic Weapon (Circuit Lance)
Damage: 2d10
Very Rare

Shocking(Special)*; Unbalanced; Mono-Upgrade (already included);

*In the hand of a wielder with the “Exotic Weapon (Circuit-Lance)” talent any attack with a least 2 DoS that is not dodged or blocked allows the release of a high-powered, circuit-burning jolt. Against a target that is not a Tech-Priest or that has a machine trait of 2 or lower this attack adds of the Shocking trait. Against a Tech-Priest or a target with a Machine-Trait of 3+ the test to avoid the stun from the Shocking trait is increased in difficulty by one step for every two DoS of the initial attack. Furthermore, the target will suffer 1d5 points of temporary attribute damage to Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill due the overload to the delicate circuit system the nerves are spliced into. This trait cannot be used on two consecutive rounds.

So far for the DH2nd stats… but from the blog entries of the Gnarly Gnoll about his current Malmsturm game I learned that other RPG settings might have use for some techno-arcane melee weapons, too… so, they would perhaps not call it a heretek device but the shrewed invention of  tinker, a _Technosoph´s recent re-discovery or the devlish device of a Machinesummoner.


Circuit-Lance (for FATE)

The weapon is treated like a polearm of its type (whatever this means in the FATE setting in question) but counts as an Extra that gives its wielder the access to the Fighting-Stunt “Circuit Jolt”. 

Permission: The GM can allow a character with a matching Aspect to buy the weapon at the cost of a refresh point. If acquired ingame the GM may demand the same point cost or have the weapon fail after a while.

Circuit Jolt (Stunt): The weapon provides the character with a +2 bonus on any roll to create an advantage against an opponent if it incorporates stunning, shocking or disabling cybernetic implants with the help of the jolt of the Circuit-Lance.

Furthermore, by spending a Fate Point the character is able to add +3 shifts to any damage inflicted by the Circuit-Lance against an opponent that is a technological construct (i.e. a robot, drone or cyborg) or that has major cybernetical enhancements.


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