[SHA & Freebee] To bundle dark forces

Time for a new bundle, isn´t it? It was kinda funny to stick my 50 Curses to my other stuff, effectively cursing them, so why should I stop with it? Curses need to be cast, after all! This time they form an unholy alliance with my Examples of the Dark Arts.

Together they form the Gregorius21778: Curses & the Dark Arts [BUNDLE]. If you are only interested in ONE of the two it still makes more sense to buy them separately, but if both are to your liking this bundle will sweeten the deal for you. And if you already have one of them, you still get the other a little cheaper than regular, thanks to inherent “price mechanics” of BUNDLES at drivethrurpg.com.

…and in order to make this post a worthwhile read even to those who are not in the mood to spend some money any time soon I add one of the Examples of the Dark Arts.


# Witchhair Knot [Item]

A hair of the dog that bit me” is a core principle of many hexes and spells found in folklore, but not many take the connotation as literal as the Witchhair Knot.

As the name implies, it is a talisman made of the hair of a repenting witch or warlock (usually shaved off before the sinner was put upon the pyre) or from a cleric that renounced his erstwhile faith. A tuft of it is spit upon by the person to later wear the talisman and then bound into a knot. If it is worn on person while the character becomes the target of a spell that allows a Saving Throw and said Saving Throw fails, it is treated as passed. If this happens, the Witchhair Knot will go up in smoke just like it would have been consumed by fire.



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