[SPOTLIGHT] Warlock´s Journal Contest 09/2016

Hi everybody! The folks over at Tabletop Adventures just send out the eMails to inform all of their customers about the Warlock´s Journal Contest for September 2016. This little post is in support of this contest and to spread the news.

While a contest whose winner is decided by public internet vote is always in danger of becoming a contest on who has the most time and friends to generate clicks, the true prize here is not the $10 that are offered to winner but the contest itself. Each time there is Warlock´s Journal Contest all of us end up with a free PDF containing all the articles that have been submitted, and that means more and better formulated ideas than you would probably get when you try milking your average RPG forum for support. Hack, you could milk the biannual output of most peoples blogs and would likely end up “harvesting” less material than that.

So… go over there (the link is at the beginning of this blog post), keep an eye on what transpires and if you feel bold and write-ish yourself, submit an entry on your own. I would really like to encourage you to do the later, even if you think you are not a great writer. You know why? You can be TOTALLY RIGHT with that assumption but if you have a good, creative idea it does not really matter if the 200 word paragraph you summed it up in is a dull read. It might not win the contest, but it will give you something you can show the community. And trust me, SOMEBODY will like it. The internet is vast!


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