Weather forecast for the post-a

Dear readers,

I would like to introduce you to my new pay-what-you-want-product:

Gregorius21778: Weather for the dry badlands of the post-apocalypse [mfc]

The post-apocalypse. The world has gone south, and the weather has not changed for the better either. This supplement provides a small number of different weather conditions that were written for dry badlands in a post-apocalyptic setting. So, break out the dice and create your own forecast for your player group.

The PDF weighs in at about 2000 words in total and was written to be Mutant Future(tm) compatible. Thereby it MIGHT thereby work well with other OSR-clones, too. A printer-friendly version (without the background images) is part of the package as well, and the preview at will show you the complete content. You are not only able to read it before you buy it, you are the one that decides upon the price, too. Rub my ears and call me a Ferengi if this isn´t a fair deal!

Thanks for your attention!

P.S: …did I mentioned that you have permission to use the content in your own non-commercial publications as long as you give credit and actually do something with it instead of just being a copy-cat?


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