Be afraid, and think big!

I just stumbled about this German news bit from It is about an American business man who turned a former nuclear missile silo into a rather big bunker complex …with the fallout-shelter-equivalent of luxury apartments! While most of you people won´t understand a word (the whole bit is of course in German) the pictures speak for themselves (once you got past the little commercial at the start).

That one is VERY much in the spirit of the Fallout computer games! I will watch this one again and again over the weekend, as it makes for a WONDERFUL idea for a post-apocalyptic game. You can turn this into a failed shelter that is still sealed but with no living soul left inside due to some technical mistake, a base of the raiders or really a little community of survivors that are the descendants of the rich folks who survived the fallout! Hack, any kind of group that was able to get the funds could have such a little silo and make sure that THEIR point of view makes it into the world after. Unlike personal fallout shelters from the 50s and 60s, this thing covers some space and thereby makes for a nice little dungeon.


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