[SHA] Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.02

Hi everybody,

I am happy to announce Gregorius21778: Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.02.,  and to sweeten this information with a little Freebee.

Examples of the Dark Arts will thereby become my second series of product, with Weird, Contaminated World covering the realm of weird science-fantasy and Dark Arts catering to the dark fantasy crowd.

Volume 2 has a different approach to the topic. Unlike its predecessor, it only contains magic items does not include any “fluff text” but just the description and the rules that are needed to add it into an OSR game. It is pretty much “list product”, pure and simple. Time and customer ratings (as well as comments, I hope) will tell me if this is the way to go or if I have strayed from the path.

Both products are offered in a new bundle, so if you already bought the first title the second one will be be yours for not more than 50 cents (US-currency, not EUR).

Thanks for your attention! And to sweeten your day I will now present to you the first ten items of the product. Enjoy!

01# A black candle that will burn down within an hour. When it burned down completely it will summon a demon-like entity from another plane (just like the Summon Spell; p. 138 // LotFP core rules). It looks like a distorted human shadow that is blacker than black but for the absurd array of shining white teeth in the center of its “face”. Unless controlled by a Magic-User it will attack those present for 1d10+4 rounds. The shadow is substantial but immune to all non-magical attacks but fire, has 4 hit dice and AC: 13. It will first try to grapple and then attack with a bite (1d6+4 damage).

If the “right” summoning was intoned while the candle burned down the Magic-User gets a +5 bonus on the Domination Roll. The book containing the summoning might not have been found with the black candle…

02# A skull cap made from the upper third of a human skull. It allows its wearer to take control of a number of currently present undead up to his or her level, up to three times a day. Any undead with more than 4 hit dice is to powerful to be controlled with this item and the wearer suffers a (-2) penalty on all Saving Throws vs. Death.

03# A knuckle ring made of carved bone. If worn on the index finger of the left hand the wearer can cause a minor heart stroke by pointing at somebody (up to three times a day). The target will be stunned for one round and will suffer 2d6+2 damage (half that much if a Saving Throw vs. Death is passed). After putting it on for the first time, the wearer of the ring ages rapidly and visibly by 10 years and has his or her maximum hit points reduced by 2d6. Take note that this might kill the wearer.

04# A golden eyeball. It allows its “wearer” to cast the Bestow Curse spell once a day, even if the character is not a Cleric or Magic-User. In addition the spell may be cast at a Range of 20 feet instead of Touch. In order to make use of its power, the “wearer” must remove his or her own left eye and replace it with the golden eyeball.

05# A medico´s needle, made of bone. If this needle is used to sew wounds shut said wounds heal immediately, but scar over and the flesh gets a grayish complexion. Each application of the bone needle permanently reduce the targets maximum hit points by one.

06# A next to featureless face mask made of cracked porcelain. All Saving Throws vs. Magic of the wearer are made with the masks saving throw of 6 instead. If the mask fails a Saving Throw for the first time it cracks in half and drops off.

07# A blood-stained blindfold made of linen. A non-blind character that puts it on will be able to “see” with closed eyes as far as 20 feet. Darkness, fog, smoke etc. will not block this sight, even if it was created by magic. The corners of the field of view are blurred and everything further away than 20 feet is shrouded in pitch-black darkness. When the character takes the blindfold off a Saving Throw vs. Magic is called for. On a failure a Curse is bestowed that will blind the character. 2d6 are rolled and the character will stay blind for a number of hours equal to the higher of the results. If both dice show a six the character will be permanently blinded by the Curse.

08# A curved dagger with a blackened blade. After the wearer has killed a total of seven cleric-type characters with it a chaotic entity will appear will give the character its blessing. The player may choose an Attribute of the character to be increased by +1. As a side effect, every cleric will from now on feel that the character is in league with forbidden forces by just looking at him or her.

09# A dead, dried toad. A character who licks it gets a re-roll on his or her next failed Saving Throw vs Magic or Poison for the next 8 hours but cannot benefit from any spells cast by a lawful character for the same period of time.

10# A shrunken head made from a black cat. It counts as a thrown weapon that ignores armor. A character that gets hit by it will suffer from a Curse determined by the GM. The item will not have any effect if used by Lawful characters.


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