Cedrans for LL/OSR

Time goes by and life keeps me busy. While my friends have returned from their trip to the USA I still did not find the time to finish my adventure conversion/preperation for Chthonian Highways. But on the other hand, I did not made any new attempts at publishing or creating blog posts either. The later, I am going to change today while providing you some OSR fantasy stats for the Cedrans.

The Cedransa creation of George R. R. Martin, are a introduced in this blog post of mine, and her come some rules for your gaming table at home:


Labyrinth Lord/OSR compatible stats: Cedrans

No. Enc.:                    1d6 (2d6)
Alignment:                 Neutral/Chaotic/Righteous
Movement:                 100 / 35´
Armor Class:              8
Hit Dice:                     5
Attacks:                      2 (fighting claws)*
Damage:                     1d8*
Save:                           F:5
Morale:                       9

The crab-like fighting claws of a Cedran deal heinous wounds in combat. Any result of the damage dice that is lower than 3 is re-rolled. In addition, any character that suffers damage from a critical attack of a Cedran must pass a Saving Throw vs. Death or lose parts of an extremity (fingers / hand / limb).  While Cedran can see even in the darkness of the underworld they are averse to bright light and need to pass a Saving Throw vs. Paralysis whenever they are exposed to a sudden flash of bright light or become stunned for one turn.


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