[CH/CARCOSA-Conversion] The ruins

It has been weeks since I made my last post about my little conversion project… and since I worked at it! Sometimes the world gets the better of you while you make plans. But now, I will at least try to make and publish a few notes regarding the ruins…

The original adventure features the burned-out ruins of an abandoned stone keep [Subhex: 2325]. A rather dull and uneventful place. For my Chthonian Highways conversion I decided to turn it into the ruins of a small town. There will be no people left in here as most of those who survived the Reckoning (20 years ago) either left the area or became part of the community of the People of the Consumed God. During the events of the Reckoning a small and… strangely regional… earthquake happened and opened up a hole in the center of the twon, roughly the size of city block. It seems to be filled with a billowing fog and everybody that stares to it for to long will feel a growing urge to jump into it [Staying near will call for a Sanity Check with a Fear Rating of 4 and and Intensity of 1d3]. The characters will be able to search the ruins for loot or salvage and they have a good chance of finding something… because no animal and most men stay away from this place: when people are present within the city limits (!) the fog will well up after 2d6 hours. 2d6 minutes before this  happens sensitive character may get a hunch of something bad to happen [DL: 15 check for Insight… now run!!]. The fog will not rise slowly but spill out unnaturally like a rolling cloud within mintues, engulfing the ruins and all so that nobody can see further than perhaps 10 to 20 feet. I am not 100% sure about what to do with those who stay but a Sanity Check with a Fear Rating of 6 and an Intensitvy of 1d6 seems a good start… if the characters leave quickly I will not bother them further.

Anybody living in the area knows that and thereby never ventures deep into the ruins…the outskirts are picked clean already… those who try to scavenge what is still to be found near the fog-hole will need to take a little risk.


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