[CH] Stats for the Fungal Clan

Time for some stats for the NPC I introduced you folks to a while ago. CH-compatible stats for the Giant Fungal Slugs are already available, so let´s continue with the rest: the folks of the Fungal Clan I mentioned earlier, and what better person to begin with than…   Advertisements

Begin at the Beginning

It is time to turn all this little ideas and conversions into a stringent set of preparation notes for the Chthonian Highways adventure to come. I don´t think that I am going to actually run this before the end of the year, but I should at least have it -ready- by the end of the […]


I should know that theft has become  big business, that people plan and take their time to create schemes to steal and that one should NEVER leave ones own money unsupervised… and so I should not be surprised, but it still makes me SICK that it now even had hit somebody at the SPIEL in […]

[CH] Semi-PreGen Characters

A GM has a lot of different tasks and pre-generating characters is one of them IF a GM wants to run a one shot game. As I am currently preparing some semi-pregenerated characters for Chthonian Highways I want to share my approach to it today (together with ten examples). These are not ready-to-use-characters, as I […]

[SHA] Failed Fallout Shelters

Fallout shelters. Secure rooms, build below ground and stocked with everything the occupants would need to survive the first weeks in relative safety. In any post-apocalyptic setting these are little treasure hoards, especially those whose builders and owners did not made it. Some were large, communal shelters erected by the government, but whenever the fear […]