[CH] NPC of the Fungoid Gardens

It is time to finish what I have started. Currently there are only two further points of interest [POI] of the hexcrawl part of „The Fungoid Garden of the Bone Sorcerer“ left that I want to convert… but I will do the dungeon part first. Why? Because both the Monolith and the Shrine of Yog-Sothoth could or could not have impact on the nearby survivors. And so, I will decided upon my Clan of the Fungoid Garden first.

The dungeon map itself is good, so I will stick to it. Furthermore I will for now concentrate on the parts of cave that are actually used by the clan and leave the areas of the Deep Ones (17 and to 27) out. I plan to have my group out on a rescue mission to save 1d3 members of their settlement, it is unlikely that they will even try to go down the river leading to 17. Even IF they feel like they are onto a righteous murder spree (which I kinda doubt) their characters might already be in to bad a shape to continue. Which is fine with me, after all the main characters of H.P. Lovercraft stories never felt overly successful, did they…?


In order to save myself some headaches I will have the majority of the clan life outside of the caves in makeshift tents, trailers  out-of-fuel vehicles and a little away from the entrance of the cave. If my characters get the feeling that they need to massacre dozens of people they might give up and leave (out of fear being massacred themselves instead).

[A quick list of the cast, in order of listing original module]

The black alchemist[5] will be turned into Rudy, the cook. This guy will be an end-30 former meth-cook and drug-brewer who is now distilling “the product” for the clan leader. I will take the drug cook from “the Crow: City of Angles” as a mold for this character: he will be nervous and twitchy, but I will add smart and ruthless to the mix. He will rarely leave the caves and reek accordingly. As a weapon I will give him a ready syringe with -something- and an old army knife.

White Lotus Zombies [6;7] will be akin to the voodoo zombies of old, but unarmed and in a bad shape. These are not the trash-mobs of the dungeon but the victims of this tragic horror play. They will not fight the characters unless ordered and among their numbers will be the abducted fellow-settlers of the PC. They will get one or two of them quickly and will thereby have to decided if they continue to rescue the remaining NPC on the list.

The Lake Monster [8] made me smile as I read its creature entry in the CARCOSA, as it is based on the Tullimonstrum gregarium, which in turn sounds similar to my nickname. So I will keep the little bugger and try to create some stats. In my game the beast will be of a malevolent intellect and possess telepathic abilities to whisper secrets into the minds of others. The characters will not have to deal with it unless they make a lot of noise and thereby arouse it (like, using firearms inside the cave system).

The Bone Sorcerer [10] I will turn into the clan leader who although happens to be a wizard. A third eye will have opened on his forehead which he uses to hypnotize people. H thereby turns those under the influence of certain drugs (that the cook creates out of the fungi) into mindless zombies (the White Lotus Zombies). I will have to come up with some telepathic powers, but in order to make it itty-gritty I will arm him with a machine pistol as well, something akin to a Scorpion. The mutations and anything else will just add to the game. He will be mid-40 and I currently think about a Michael Ironside kind of villain. I am just not sure about the exact behavior.

The Humanoid Robot [11] I will have to exchange completely. Really, there are not going to be any robots rumbling around at this point or I will lose my audience completely as gonzo vibes will take over ( I know my players). I first thought about adding a young teenager that was mutated into growing about three meters high (inspired by a horror movie featuring giant rats..if you know which movie that was, please leave me a hint via comment thanks!) but then wanted something more over the top. Fungal infection came to my mind and then a picture from my recent memory flashed up in my mind: the fungal giant from the Darkest Dungeon computer game! I will have my own 14-year-old-3-meter-giant-teenager-fungal-mutant tending the garden and FREAK OUT as soon as strangers enter. Not much of his self will be left as he is mostly taken over by some symbiotic fungus that turned him into what he is now. Normal on the outside (accept for a green skin rush) but more mushroom within than anything else. I call it the fun-monster of the session, so the characters might disagree here. Oh, and he is going to be the second son of the clan leader. …and I guess I will have the dead mothers semi-dried corpse laying somewhere in cave [11].

Apprentices [12] will be exchanged with overseers. I might make use of more than two, but two will always be there, sleeping as the others patrol the caves. They would like to sleep outside fo the caverns, but the clan leader demands to have them nearby as additional guards. 

The semi-imobile spawn [14] I will keep as well. It will look like a mutated tree-thing at first and not move until somebody gets close.

The unqiet worm [15] will be removed from the game.

…so, my opposition for the players will mainly consist of “overseers” (which number will be equal to twice as much as PC present), the clan leader, his mutant son and the lotus zombies. The modul suggests some wandering monsters, including spawns of shub-niggurath, (hmm…let me think about random appearances of such things…NO!), those people who occupy caves (yes) and of course side effects of the fungi themselves (yep, good idea!) ...and giant slugs and giant snails. Hmpf. One would think that the clan would have cleared them out. And in the original module, this should have happened as well. Unless the creatures come into being through some form of spontaneous generation… which somehow fits my bill. So, some of the fungi actually -generate- overgrown slugs and snails and some of those are carnivorous. They are of course nothing to fear in a fight…but if the characters don´t keep their eyes open they feel a burning sensation as a slug or snail crawls over their skin..and melts it. I will have a scene where the characters will find an unsupervised group of white zombies doing something while one of them is on the ground and being eaten alive by a sheep sized slug. The others just go on like the automatons they are.

Sounds like a plan! Next time, I will make some notes about the general environment of the caves and generate some rules for the game that will happen inside of it.


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