[SHA] Ssssnake-Men!

Snake-Men. Which player or player-character does not pause at the thought of having to confront something that is a mix of one of the most brutal, relentless and successful species of the world mixed with with traits of a snake? There is always a promise of poison, the possibility of vile magic powers and the outlook of facing an opponent whose strikes are both quick and deadly. But there can be more to a Snake-Men than a stat block and venom attack, even in dungeon crawl or a sword & sorcery play.


Gregorius21778: Sssnake-Men! is a supplement for OSR fantasy RPG, and Laybrinth Lord(tm) compatible. It features a LL-compatible stat block, but the true meat of the product are the articles about the possible culture and religion of Snake-Men. These 3300+ plus words provide you as a GM with a foundation for turning Snake-Men into more than just another monster to slay but into a living, breathing part of your game world. A table with 50 possible details of their appearance is included as well as ten minor magical items of the Snake-Men and  six poisons, potions and lotions.

But if you just want the stats, …pick up the free promo. It contains the stat block and enough additional info to slip these serpent warriors into your next dungeon, as your next cannon fodder.


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