[Creature Feature] Giant Fungal Slug

Some places are strange. This might be due to them being saturated with magic or the result of them being a point where different planes of existence overlap and merge. At such places, strange things can happen. Things like spontaneous creation.

Spontaneous creation means that a lifeform comes into existence without being born or hedged. It comes into being through the merge of other factors, sometimes without any actual life being involved (abiogenesis). The ancient Greeks believed in spontaneous creation and even had a complex system they then believed to be what we would call today scientific. This concept was widespread even in 17th Europe till Louis Pasteur “debunked” it in an experiment. But for our RPGs, with magic and merging planes, it might be oh-so-right… and thereby allow me to introduce the Giant Fungal Slugs.

Fungal Slugs generate out of large concentrations of giant mushrooms or large mold fields. They differ in size and while the normally come into being as small as a grown men´s thumb they sometimes bulge out of a large fungal mass with the size of a dog or a sheep. The smaller ones are usually preyed upon by other creatures, but the large slugs can become predators in their own right (instead of feeding from the fungi that spawned them). They are rather slow and attack by engulfing parts of their prey so that their secretions can liquefy the flesh of their victims, but if they stay in dense cover (like a field of giant mushrooms) they are be able to overcome their prey by surprise . The pain and shock of the flesh melting away can complete overwhelm their prey and thereby leave it defenseless against the attack.


[Labyrinth Lord ™ compatible stats]
No. Enc.:                    1 (1d3)
Alignment:                 Neutral
Movement:                40 / 10´
Armor Class:              12
Hit Dice:                     2
Attacks:                      1 (engulf & digest)*
Damage:                     1d6*
Save:                           Fails automatically
Morale:                       12

Special: Giant Fungal Slugs move without a sound and are the same the color as the fungal field that spawned them. If they are able to attack inside or out of their “mother field” their victims check for surprise with a d10 (instead of the regular d6).

A character that suffers damage from the attack of a Giant Fungal Slug must pass a Saving Throw vs. Stun or will be stunned during his or her next round.


[Chthonian Highways(tm) compatible stats]
Drive:                                   Eat…. Grow….
Vitality:                                5
Push Limit:                         0
Defense:                              5
Attack:                                 1d6 (Entangle; Special)
Skills:                                    Stealth: 6; Fighting: 3

Remarks: A Giant Fungal Slug gains an Edge if it tries to ambush a character out of or inside of the fungal field that spawned it. If an attack of it gains a Torque it delivers an additional point of Fatigue through the pain it causes. A character that receives actual damage from the attack of a fungal slug must pass a DL:15 Willpower test or will lose two actions during his or her next turn. Furthermore, all attack of a Giant Fungal Slug are Touch Attacks (and thereby gain an Edge)


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