[Spotlight] I don´t know a name, but a direction!

If you are a city-dweller like me (who never served in the military) you are having troubles with hexcrawls. Simply because you don´t know nothing about traveling on foot outside of an urban environemt. That makes its kinda hard to figure out how far you can see, how far you get on a given day, how weather affects you and how exhausted you can or cannot get. Luckily, there are other people who share their field experience with guys like us AND they are sharing our hobby, too!

One of those friendly folks runs a wordpress blog called the Lost Pages which features an article about old-school hex crawling by  tsjojcanth (the person who runs the blog). I liked the article alot. There are a lot of professional RPG supplements that give you a lot of details about travelling, but the topic “how far you can see” is often ignored or presented with lots of mathematical formula. Here, you have a “rule of thumb”, “hands-down” approach to the thing (or so it seems to me) and this is met by me. Especially as it gives you all the basics in a nutshell so you can read them quickly and put them to use when you plan your own hexcrawl.

Thank you, Mister (or Misses! I was in a hurry and did not searched for your full name) 😉


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