[The Fungal Clan] Map, part two

The nice thing about working at something is that you happen to re-do your work because you spot plain, simple and OBVIOUS mistakes you have missed at the start. So, I will have to look at the map I introduced here one more time, and take into account some of the advise I got from the blog I introduced you to HERE… and make some changes. SPOILERS AHEAD! If you happen to know me personally, better stop reading here!


The changes to the map are minor: I added some more “broken lands” up to the northwest and relocated the Cannibal Caves, away from the Fungal Cave (aka the Fungal Garden) and more toward the shrub lands and the settlement of Sanctuary. I felt that the Fungal Clan would have wiped out the Cannibals long ago (or the other way around) if they would have been so close to another. So I re-settled them to Sanctuary and got an idea for a little backstory: those cannibals are people that worshiped the Monolith and became mad. The people of Sanctuary avoid them as they are “touched by the new gods” and will only fight them if attacked personally (but never in defense of others). The People of the Consumed God would thereby never go out and eradicate them.

Weather and the world of the Chthonian Highways

The fluff text at the start of the AlphaKit says that the sky is never clear. Taking the advice I got from this blog into account I settled for the following kinds of weather and “general line of sight” (GLOS) for my game.

Bad Weather of any type:     Less than a mile and perhaps up to zero.
Black Sky & Light rain:          About 5 miles / one hex
Black Sky / Haze:                     10 to 15 miles / two to three hexes
“Better day”:                            20 to 30 miles / four to six hexes

Please take note that these are just my basic assumptions, made with an eye to being easy to transport into the hexcrawl I have in mind. The game will not be to likely to see to many weather changes as the whole thing should not take more than two days “in-game time” to finish.

So, what will the characters be able to see at which distance?

While the “broken lands” in the northwest are not real mountains I rule that the rock formations are visible from the other side of the map unless it is raining or worse. (I plan to have the PC enter from shrub land in the south). I envision the broken lands to be rough, ragged stone and rock, similar to stone formations one sees in and around canyons. The characters will only be able to discern the finer details once they are in GLOS.

The “hills” will be visible from up two ten miles (two hexes) away when in flat land and clearly visible up to GLOS once the PC have a good vantage point  (like, other hills). Same is true for the desert, the dunes, fungal forests and shrub lands. Standing in the shrub land limits sight to the next hex in regard to “other flat hexes”

The ruins of the small town will be visible up to GLOS +1 hex as there are still some rather high buildings that stick out of the surrounding. Sanctuary will be visible up to GLOS from any of the hills or a similar vantage point. The wrecks, the oasis, the skeleton and the Monolith will be visible from up to two hexes away or up to four hexes from any of the hills. The Cannibal Caves need to be searched for (i.e. by tracking encountered cannibals) and the clan camp in front of the Fungal Cave will only be visible from a neighboring hex or from the neighboring hills (two hexes away). The entrace to the cave behind the camp will not be clealry visible from a different hex, but it will become obvious when the area is scouted.

Nobody will find Hank but be found by him. At least as long as the characters travel by vehicle and not by foot. Of course, the Fungal Clan will have spotters up on some rocky ridge in the broken lands near their camp and will thereby have a Chance to see vehicles that approach them over the badlands (all the orange terrain).

So much for that, next time I plan to have a closer look on off-road traveling speed in vehicles, time scope and possible random encounters along the way.  Stay tuned!


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