[SHA] Failed Fallout Shelters

Fallout shelters. Secure rooms, build below ground and stocked with everything the occupants would need to survive the first weeks in relative safety. In any post-apocalyptic setting these are little treasure hoards, especially those whose builders and owners did not made it. Some were large, communal shelters erected by the government, but whenever the fear of a nuclear war was peaking, private persons build shelters of their own: either for themselves and their families or together with their neighbours. Small little sanctuaries, often up to six feet below ground.

Failed Fallout Shelters provides a GM with

  • a general idea on what a small, underground fallout shelter is like

  • a main loot table with 50 entries on what to discover there, nine sub-tables with 50+
    further entries and a separate table with 30 ideas for personal items that might be found

  • ideas on how to include them into the game: what happened to the shelter and the original
    occupants since “the end of the world” and in what condition is it now?

  • 20 ideas for “special finds” that will make a given shelter different from all the others the PC
    will have plundered before.

… and you will get special offer! If you use this link before the 24th of October you will get the product for 50 cents (US-currency). This means a 50% discount!

Or, get my current three post-apocalyptic loot tables for $2.25 via this bundle product!


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