I should know that theft has become  big business, that people plan and take their time to create schemes to steal and that one should NEVER leave ones own money unsupervised… and so I should not be surprised, but it still makes me SICK that it now even had hit somebody at the SPIEL in Essen.

Yes, this is pure NerdRage. Yes, there are much, much, much, MUCH worse things going on in the world right now. Still, as games are dear to me, as one that likes to  be among gamers it really makes me angry to hear what I learned at Eric´s blog. Somebody stole the cash of a small time publisher.

May the person who did this to suffer a lingering illness so that he or she is left unable to move a finger without pain.

As this is unlikely to happen, I want to spread the news about what I call a help-us-kickstarter the publisher made (with some support).

EDIT: from what I learned the money that was raised with the kick-starter already exceeds the amont of cash that was stolen 🙂 I like the community. My every Dollar/Euro that was given with a kind heart be rewarded tenfold by fate.


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