[SPOTLIGHT] The Beauty of Hardcover

A while ago I started to forgo real RPG books for PDFs. They seemed so much more useful to me as I do most of session preparations (as a GM) on my computer anyway, so why should I buy some large book that I need to carry around when I just can print the sections I need for a session and otherwise spare myself the trouble? Well, I am still not dropping this point of view but a specific title made me re-consider: the „Rules & Magic“player core book of Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm).

WARNING! Whenever LotFP is involved we are talking about explicit content. Everyone under the age of 18 should keep away from this post.

The Beauty of Hardcover

I bought this one a couple of days ago at the SPIEL in Essen. At first I was just planning to buy it as a kind of „tribute“ since I started to publish material that is LoTFP compatible, but after I I had some time to inspect what I carried home I start to like my purchase in its own right. I am not going to give you a review about the OSR rules system itself, as I guess there will already be a bunch of this around the internet. No, I will tell you why I want to advise to buy this as hardcover book.

1) It is really handy
The 160 page A5 booklet does not take up much space, so you can easily carry it and even brush through it behind your GM-screen with ease. AND it has all those nice little tables not only printed in their relative sections inside the book but also inside the first page behind the front cover (Price List behind the front cover, all other reference tables behind back cover). This is actually a great idea because those are the things that are looked up the most during each and every game session.

Example: Price List

2) It is beautiful
Just look at the pictures here. This is something you can put into your shelf and pull out to just look at it for a moment, or to show it to your friends to show off.


2.1) … in a certain way...

…well… the cover says WEIRD Fantasy Role-Playing… they mean it…

…well, unless your friends are squeamish. Or just above grossness for grossness sake, because that is one of the trademarks of LotFP. That and what I call The Principle of Zero. To quote from their Free-RPG-Day giveaway “Better Than Any Man”:

[Zero] That is the number of fucks we give about what we´re supposed to do.”

*shrugs* Fine with me, because The Principle of Zero works both ways, but after basically advertising the title  I wanted to give everyone unfamiliar with the typical LotFP artwork a fair warning.

That being said, I really want to encourage everyone that owns the free PDF to consider to buy a hardcover copy of it, some day . It makes for a nice “spell book”, too, as the spells are not listed by level but in alphabetical order. And if that is still to much page thumbing one can easily note the page number onto the character sheet, right next to the spell in question.

Thanks, LoTFP-Team, for this nice little booklet. I will put it to good use at some point.


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