[CH] Stats for the Fungal Clan

Time for some stats for the NPC I introduced you folks to a while ago. CH-compatible stats for the Giant Fungal Slugs are already available, so let´s continue with the rest: the folks of the Fungal Clan I mentioned earlier, and what better person to begin with than…

 [Earl, the Leader of the Clan of Fungal Garden]

Learn more about the new gods and the new ways by drug-induced visions.
Keep the leadership position of the tribe.

Vitality:                        10
Push Limit:                 2
Defense:                       12 (unmodified) +3 (Armor)
Attack:                          Machine Pistol (2d6-1; Automatic, Pistol)
Skills:                            Fighting +3; Influence +7; Insight +7; Mythos+5; Perception +4;
Shooting +4; Willpower +6;

The Third Eye: Being stared at by Earl´s third eyes asks for a Sanity Check with FR:4 [1d3 Insanity]. Earl will try to make use of this in combat, as a result a fumble of an attacker means that he or she stares straight into the third eye if eye contact is not avoided. The victim gains a point of Stress  from the starring eye, avoiding eye contact is a handicap in melee or while aiming at Earl with a ranged weapon.

Hypnotic Stare (SFX): Earl can use a Velocity point to use his hypnotic stare against an opponent that is not avoiding eye-contact with his third eyes (see above). Earl can use this as a free action and the victim must win a Willpower test against him or will lose a half action in the next two rounds and won´t be able to avoid eye-contact during these two rounds.

Chants from Beyond (SFX): Earl can use a Velocity point to intone chant he “learned” recently through his drug-addled visions. He is not aware of what the effect of it is so he will only use it if convinced that the characters will kill him if he is not going to turn tables on them quickly. The chant will call for an Sanity Check with FR:6 a[1d6 Insanity], and everybody who fails the test will be stunned for one round (characters that have “Madness” as their Motivation gain an Edge for this test). Speaking the chants is a free action for Earl, but every other action he performs while doing so receives a Handicap. The shadows will deepen and grow while Earl chants and after the third turn something will crawl out of it […more to come  🙂  ]

If you would like stats for these powers and effects that are compatible with DH2nd, FATE or an OSR system, please leave your request in form of a comment.

Thank you!


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