[CH] Teenage Mutant Fungal Giant

There will be a 14-year-old, mutated fungal-infected giant in the Caves of the Fungal Clan. And here are my stats for the young oddball-monster encounter:

Angel, the fungal-infected boy-giant

Doze in the fungal cave
Be with mother

Angel already was a big boy at birth, weighing more than 4 kg. Giving birth to him caused so much harm and exhaustion to his mother that she died a couple of hours after giving him his name . As he grew up his size became truly unnatural, and he began to eat for three. By now, at the age of fourteen, he is already more than 3 meters tall. To the dismay of his father, his mental capability would never match his physical abilities as it became clear at the age of 10 that his intellect stopped to develop further. His father decided to keep him drugged most of the time so that he would be docile. It became his habbit to spend the day there, eating freely from the fungus that for some reason did not mean harm to him, even those that were deadly poisonous to others. Slowly, he changed. His skin became a sickingly gray-green, he developed a psora and lichen seemed to grow from his thinning, stringy hair.


Vitality:                       20
Push Limit:                 1
Defense:                      7 (modified) // 4 (Armor*)
Attack:                        Kicks and punches (Blunt; Heavy)
Skills:                          Fighting +4  Perception -2;  Willpower +4; Strength+10

3 Meter Tall Fungal Giant: Angel´s gigantic proportions and the ongoing change of his internal organs to something akin to sponges makes him more resilient to damage. He is not bleeding any more, he just seeps a resin like, gray-green ichor that matches the unhealthy complexion of his skin.

Drug-addled mind: when dealing with a new situation Angle suffers from a Handicap to all skill checks during the first three combat rounds.

Giant-Child Rage!!: if annoyed and no longer drug-addled Angle becomes furious and gains an Edge to all Fighting and Strength Skill Check.

Heavy Hitter: All Fighting attacks of Angel count as having the Impact and trait.In addition, Angel might use a Velocity point to send character he punched or kick successfully flying 1d3 meters backward (in addition to doing damage).

 Mother!!!: If Angle ever understood what it meaned that his mother died, the drugs must have washed that understanding away. A year ago he dug out the skeleton of his mother from her grave, wrapped them into rags and took them to his beloved fungal caves where he arranged the skull and bones on an oversized, flat mushroom. He talks to them and believes to hear her voice and even his father cannot take them away form him, as doing so will send him into a frenzy. So, he speaks and plays with the skull and often pretends to eat with her or brings her new clothes (mostly rags). He will attack in rage any stranger (and even a lot of people that he knows) that even approaches the bones . If the remains are destroyed, Angle cry and wail in grief [and counts as having failed a Sanity Check, resulting in him to simply cry and wail if not attacked and in him suffering 2d10 points of Stress.



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