[CH] White Mushroom Zombies

The leader of the Fungal Cave Clan uses drug that is created out of a white mushroom to make people more vurnerable to his mental powers, so that he can turn them into White Mushroom Zombies. These drug-addled, hypnotized wretches shamble through the caverns and harvest the fungus. During their work they get in contact with and are poisoned by the spores of harmful fungus. They end up addicted, ill, infected and some even mutate. But all in all, their miserable live ends within one or three years.

…serve the master…
…do not resist….


Vitality:                       2-4
Push Limit:                 0
Defense:                      7
Attack:                        Bare hands or tools (improvised weapon; 1d6)
Skills:                          None are left that are worth mentioning

Drug-addled: A White Mushroom Zombie gets a Handicap to each and every action.

Conditioned: The mind of White Mushroom Zombie is completely repressed. They don´t remember anything and they don´t respond to anything but the voice of their master (the clan leader) or to those that touch them and yell at them or force them to act in a certain way. They won´t even defend themselves unless ordered to fight. If this conditioning is not re-inforced every other day (by the clan leader using his third eye on the Mushroom Zombie), it will break down after 1d6+1 days.

Addicted: The White Mushroom Zombies are utterly addicted to the unique spores of the Fungal Caves. If they are removed from the caverns they will enter a state similar to cold withdrawal within 2d6 hours. The withdrawal takes about three day, and each day the character must test for Strength [SC:20]. Success means 1d6 points of Stress, Failure means 1d12 points of Stress. This Stress Damage does not heal until the withdrawal stops (either because the character is through it or gets another does).

Sick: The majority of the spores are unhealthy and the Mushroom Zombies continued exposure left them sick. Each month the a Mushroom Zombie must succeed on a test for Strength (SC:10). On a failure, the characters Body stat is permanently reduced by one. The sickness cannot be cured as long as the character is exposed to the fungus of the cave regularly (as happens during the harvest). Otherwise, the sickness is cured after three successful tests in a row.




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