[Trailer] Kong: Skull Island

I stumbled upon a (new) trailer for the Kong: Skull Island movie on the blog of Eric F. To be honest, if it would not be for Eric this movie would have been completely off my radar by now. Here in Germany, I have not seen any trailer for it so far. But hey, that is what the internet is for: to learn about things the companies currently do not care to advertise in your country.

The movie itself looks like a simple popcorn-, monster- and SFX-movie. The trailer already shows that it is going to cater to the oh-so-”kewl” 3D technology, like a lot of other movies before. As I am not part of the 3D-fan-crowd, I hope they don´t overdue it. I like kaiju movies and this one could be worthwhile. So, they should not have spilled the beans about “the other monster” (or, monsters) in this trailer. I would have loved the surprise.


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