[SHA] 50 Elixirs for “classic” RPG

Hi everyone,

I just have release a new OSR product:

Gregorius21778: 50 Elixirs for “classic” RPG

…and as a special goodie for my dear followers, the first ten people to use this link till the end of the year can buy it for $0.50 instead of $0.75

We are talking “high fantasy with a weird twist” here, as all of the potions have a rather strange effect and/or drawback.

For those who like to buy things in bundles I created a new one with this product, too!

Gregorius21778: Swords, Elixirs and Curses contains my new product plus 30 Magical Weapons and 50 Curses, all for a reduced price.

Please remember that you never need to buy a product twice: if you own something that is part of the bundle, drivethrurpg.com will automatically reduce the bundle price accordingly.

That´s all from me for now, have a nice day!


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