20 Mythos-Themed Encounters

It was time for another release, and so I created 20 Encounters in the Ruins of the Elder Beings. So, what is this pay-what-you-want title all about? After I finished H.P. Lovecraft´s story “At the Mountains of Madness” the GM in me dreamed about an adventure that would take place in some (other) subterranean ruins of […]

To Summon a Shoggoth [LotFP]

„I came only just short of echoing his cry myself; for I had seen those primal sculptures, too, and had shudderingly admired the way the nameless artist had suggested that hideous slime coating found on certain incomplete and prostrate Old Ones—those whom the frightful Shoggoths had characteristically slain and sucked to a ghastly headlessness in […]

[DH] Mook Cheat Sheet: ZOMBIES

A long time ago I posted an assortment of zombie ideas and stats for DarkHeresy(tm), and recently I remembered that I once had created small “Mook Cheat Sheets” for mass combat. Guess what? Right, I now made one for zombies. But this time I broke the format: the PDF is two pages instead of one […]

[OSR] 10 Mighty Magical Weapons

I like magical items that are complicated. A bracelet that gives you +3 Strength is neat, as is a mace(+2). But a bracelet that only gives you the bonus to Strength  a limited number of times per day is better, and one that only does so under certain conditions is best. Those items are not […]