Enchanted Modern Firearms

Hi everybody!

It has been a while since I posted anything here: I was not well and when I was able to concentrate on something I was doing something else 😉 But, to make up for it I would now like to present to you 20 Ideas for Enchanted Modern Firearms:

The following is an excerpt from my new release 50 Ideas for Enchanted Firearms, and those are meant to be used with an “OSR” RPG system. No matter if you are playing some modern-dark-urban-fantasy game, magical post-apocalpytic game, a weird-fantasy-western or some kind of “cyborgs and wizards”, these ideas might help you as the GM when you want to put a new enchanted firearm into the hands of your players (or their enemies).

01# The Re-filler            To be used with: any gun with an ammo clip
Whenever the empty clip is removed and re-inserted into the gun, it magically fills up with bullets. If these are removed from the clip but are not fired, they will disappear within a minute.

02# The Thunderer            To be used with: any automatic or high-caliber weapon
When the weapon is fired (or fired full-auto), it generates an unbelievable loud, thundering noise that leaves the ears of those nearby ringing. Everyone withing 50 yards but the shooter needs to pass a Saving Throw vs. Stun/Paralyze or will be stunned at the beginning of their next turn.

03# The Rager (Cursed)        To be used with: any full automatic weapon
When fired at full auto, the shooter needs to pass a Saving Throw vs. Magic or will continue to fire full auto till the clip is empty.

04# The Uncovering            To be used with: any gun with a scope
While looking through the scope the shooter is able to see in the dark, through fog and smoke and will even see things that would otherwise be invisible due to magic, mental powers or advanced cloaking technology.

05# The Ghost-Gun            To be used with: any weapon
The weapon fires phantom rounds that pass through objects and hurt the very soul, but dissolve quickly while released into the real world: the range is reduced to 1/3 of what it normally would be, but walls, cover  and armor is ignored by it. In addition, the phantom rounds can harm and kill ghosts and other undead.

06# The Bringer of Panic        To be used with: any pistol or revolver
When used in a duel, the opponent cannot draw quicker than the character unless a Saving Throw vs. Magic is passed.

07# The Watcher            To be used with: any pistol or revolver
As long as the weapon is worn secured in its holster, the wearer cannot be surprised.

08# The Guard-Your-Back        To be used with: any weapon
Somebody who wants to shoot the wearer of this weapon in the back must pass a Saving Throw vs. Magic, otherwise the attack is not possible. The Saving Throw can be repeated once each turn.

09# The Attention Raiser        To be used with: any weapon
If the character shoots into the air before addressing people with a speech or announcement, she may re-roll any test to sway peoples opinion once.

10# The Bulletstorm            To be used with: any full automatic weapon
If the weapon is used for cover fire, those targeted by it need to pass a(n additional) Saving Throw vs. Stun/Paralyze  if they want to do anything besides taking cover.

11# The Slayer                To be used with: any weapon
If the name of the target  is scratched into the side of the bullet that is fired at it, the shoot may re-roll a failed attack once and may re-roll the damage dice of a successful attack once (but must keep the second result).

12# The Peacekeeper            To be used with: any weapon
When the weapon is placed onto a table, anybody sitting at this table who wants to reach for a weapon must first pass a Saving Throw vs. Magic or will be unable to do so.

13# The Finalizer            To be used with: any weapon
A person that was killed with this weapon cannot be brought back from the dead, regenerate or reincarnate, no matter what.

14# The Hunter                To be used with: any hunting rifle
If used during a hunt, the wearer may re-roll any test to acquire food by hunting wildlife once.

15# “Sleep Save”            To be used with: any pistol or revolver
A character that keeps this weapon near her head while sleeping (e.g. under the pillow) cannot be surprised in her sleep. The character will wake up immediately and will be wide awake and “ready”.

16# “Truth or Death”            To be used with: any six-shooter
If the character uses this gun to play “Russian Roulette” with a captive and asks him a question IMMEDIATELY she pulls the trigger, the captive will answer the question truthfully (if possible: what one does not know one cannot tell, and there is a 1 out of 6 chance that the captive will end up shot).

17# The Faithful            To be used with: any weapon
The weapon will leap into the characters hand when she thinks about it,  from up to three yards away as long as it is not restraint in some way.

18# The Teleporter            To be used with: any weapon
Once a day the weapon can be used to teleport the shooter to a certain, prepared point. That point is created by the shooter firing the weapon straight towards the ground. The bullet will disappear on impact (instead of digging into the surface or ricocheting from it) and the next time the shooter fires the weapon straight up into the air with the intend to teleported, she will be magically transported to that point. An old “point” is “erased” by creating a new one.

19# The Regenerator            To be used with: any weapon
The shooter regains a lost hit point for each successful attack against a living target.

20# Death/Wish                To be used with: any revolver
Once a day the shooter can ask a Wish by playing Russian Roulette using the weapon: the character asks the wish, puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Either the wish is fulfilled or the character is dead (1 out of 6 chance for the latter).

Enchanted Modern Firearms

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