[Freebee] 6 Trade Offers in the Post-Apocalpyse

In the post-apocalypse, conventional currency will have lost its value. After all, paper and little metal discs are no good in themselves and anybody who was big on credit cards or other forms of electronic payment will be without anything to pay with as soon as the lights go out (and civilization only starts to crumble). Goods will be exchanged for goods instead, and here are six ideas for persons who have to offer something.

1# A bearded, haggard guy approaches the characters slowly while he eyes them up. The guy is armed with a .45 revolver and a machete, and tugs a very young, scrawny girl along who is leashed like a dog. He addresses a PC who openly wears a valuable item or piece of equipment with a simple questions “Do you play cards?”. The bearded guy wants to gamble over what the character has, and offers the young girl as his ante. If the characters say that they are not interested in a slave, he will spit out to his left before answering “You can free her then if you win her. But she is good company…. and while she has become scrawny, there is still more than enough meet on her bones. Got me….?”

2# Two young but weathered looking, armed guys in biker clothes offer six canisters of gasoline. They want to trade these in for 12-gauge shotgun shells, which seem to be the matching caliber for the pump-gun and the sawed-off, twin-barreled shotgun they are armed with. If the characters offer a different weapon plus ammo they might be able to strike a deal, too. If the PC offer good whisky or cocaine , they might be able to trade it in for one or two canisters as well (but not for more).

3# A woman and her children (her seventeen year old daughter, two boys around fourteen or thirteen and one small girl who might be six years old) offer pieces of soap. While the characters might not have an immediate use for it, they can make a good deal by “buying” the soap to offer it at a more distant settlement.

4# A wrinkled old guy offers a small, hay stuffed box with dynamite. “I found this years ago, but I guess I won´t have any use for it, but would love to spend my time drunk”. He demands a bottle of vodka (or whisky) per stick, but if the characters are very persistent they might get a better deal. The dynamite is old and unstable (due to “sweating nitroglycerine”), and there is chance (1 out of 8) that it will explode if dropped or otherwise handled with anything but utmost care.

5# A redheaded man with a missing eye offers to fix shoes as well as a wide collection of old, refurbished footwear. He accepts food, raw materials and any kind of barter good in exchange for his goods or his services.

6# A middle-aged woman in the garb of a native American and her asian looking husband offer strong moonshine as well as their service as “teeth doctors” (which means that they will rip out bad teeth, but do it with enough skill and clean tools to do more harm than good). It is unlikely that the characters have need for their service, but the alcohol might come handy as it is good for both drinking, disinfection and building crude molotov cocktails. The couple will accept most common barter goods but alcohol and ammo.


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