10 Dealers of Illicit Goods [for DH]

A long, long time ago I put down 10 black market dealers for the first edition of Dark Heresy. Back than the Inquisitors Handbook (IH) was the hot stuff, Hive Sibillus was the seat of government, items had prices in Thronegelt, my English was truly horrible (or I was just sloppy) and the DH gamemaster forum of FantasyFlightGames was buzzing. I am an oldtimer, I have found memories. Anyway, I stumbled upon the old topic with my ten black market dealers, corrected the grammar, got myself some artwork (see above) and decided to turn them into a a PDF. If you like what you have hear, please visit my blog. Oh! And you will find a lot of references in here to material from DH1st, so don´t scratch your head to much if you only know DH2nd and cannot make head or toe of the names and worlds.


01# The Wormbreeder

A small and somewhat hunchbacked old hiver who is accompanied by two youngsters (who look like they are close relatives of him) stays next to a dozen or so 1 gallon, semi-transparent plastic cans. Each of those is filled with a murky red substance, and from time to time something moves inside. A dirty hand written sign made of cardboard advertises


Chiron (the older one) and his sons Danius and Ryha sell Sinophian Boreworms [see “Creatures Anathema”] to those who look for a more stylish method of tortur and/or execution. They demand 50 throngelt a piece. “These beasts are hard to get by and need to be feed with meat and blood.”

02# Dekko´s Devices

Dekko is an extraordinary tall guy draped in layers of shoddy coats, shirts, scuffles and skirts, all gray or blue. He wears mismatching murker graves and a respirator, and never pulls back the cowl of his cloak. What he offers for sale is a number of hand-made devices (all looking similar, none of them alike) which he claims to be multikeys. Currently he has three of those for sale, 120 a piece, and four “stummers” for 20 a each.

“Dekko” is a void born Recyklator (see IH) who fled from his ship. He now sells his services in the hive to make a living and has been doing so for a couple of years now. His identity he hides to his best effort, since he found out that his ilk draws attention, and attention is a bad thing here. His multikeys are indeed hand made from scrounged parts but he isn´t that skilled in building them. When a PC uses one of his multikeys on a lock, roll a 1d10 and multiply the result with 3 (a zero is a zero here). That is the actual bonus one gets for that lock from the key (instead of the flat +30). His “re-furbished” stummers only give half of the bonus the standard device gives.

03# The ServoSlaver

A bloated figure with a skin covered in oils and stitched-in tech-charms. Gallius, the Servo-Slaver, offers three “re-rigged” servitors: a standard servitor fitted with a nail gun, a pest control servitore (complete with a small flamer) and what looks to be a heavy industrial servitor. He has access to a device that helps him to “steal” a servitor by wiping most of its command codes and allows him to re-write them verbally. Gallius sells “his” servitors for 500 thrones each, complete with very long cloaks. He only shows up once every two month in this district and never has problems to find a buyer for his wares. A gun servo-skull always hovers over him.

The “ServoSlaver” is a renegade Technomat who has been found guilty of the hidden sins of research and re-enginieering. After he found out how to “re-program” a servitor, he vanished and left his family behind (which was put down by the Mechanicus later, as an example to the other Technomat families).

04# “Heather”

A women of indiscriminate age in brown robes and a stained white cloak. A number of cables run along her throat and end in a crude plastic prosthesis that replaces her lower jar. She shows the signs of plasma burning on most of her exposed skin, and every hour or so she rubs some blue gel onto them. Her wares are 10 plasma flasks (6 for pistols; 4 for basis weapons) and demands the “list price”.

Heather” was a low level Tech-Adpet who tended to plasma reactors and re-filled weapon flasks. After the Mechanicus threatened to turn her into a servitor as a flask filled by her damaged a plasma rifle, “Heather” fled. She now buys/gathers empty flasks and re-fills them by “tapping” plasma conducts (a dangerous work that keeps a whole team of technomats busy with patching up “leaking” plasma conducts all over the area). Since she has no means for proper pressure-sizing, her flasks only offer 6 shots (pistols) or 4 shots (basic) and a weapon using her flasks gains the “unreliable” quality.

05# Lazarus Blaze

The alloy-jumpsuit clad, haggard guy that calls himself “Lazarus Blaze” (not his real name) sells las weapons that he and his menials break down before the transport (for smuggling) and re-build before sale. Some of the weapons are standard quality, but most of them are low quality and all of them have some modification to them (e.g. “overcharged”). His “best offer” (which he has not sold yet) is a rebuild Long Las of good quality.

06# “Old Ira”, the Cognomen Forger

Ira is a bald elderly women whom dresses in a hiver´s patchwork-overcoat and light green robes, and carries with her a battered looking portable cogitator (in a large suitcase strapped to her back) and a cognom-reader device plus pict-recorder (in an old leather purse).

Once, Ira worked as a scribe for the Administratum, but that is a long-long time ago. Now, she forges cognomen and documents for the criminals. Lately, she was able to “buy” a lot of Tantalus Combine Data, mostly from “missing” people that do not seem to be missed that much.

07# “Jonner, the Vox Thief”

A small, chubby guy with a goat beard and thinning hair. Jonner sells a small amount of used looking vox thieves, but this is only his cover around here. He is an agent to [insert third party] who in turn like/s to keep taps on the underworld. All of his vox thieves are modified. If one them is in range of his “master device” he is able to pick up anything the “thief” picks up. Aside from that , Jonner informs his master/s of “new faces” who come asking for his goods.

08# “Bolt Man” Carsten

A grizzled looking guy in an old military flak great coat who sports a red beard and wears a big visor that covers half of his face. He openly carries a bolt pistol and looks like trouble. Carsten is a thug from gunmetal city (and speaks with a heavy dialect) who is the henchmen of a heretek that builds and sells bolter rounds. Carsten sells those straight out of the pocket of his great coat, 12 gelt per bolt.

The problem is that the projectiles lack punch (i.e. lose the “rending” quality) and do not fly stable (-10 at long range, -30 at extreme range). But Carsten is very good at “silencing complaints”.

09# “Lucky” Lionel, the Narco Syndicate Connection

Lucky”, a rather non-descript guy with greasy brown hair, is a member the local narco syndicate and responsible for selling obscura to the nacro gangs. He hits the district every two weeks with a new five kilo load of pure Obscura and is always accompanied by three goons. After his job is done, he has fun with a few “samples” he kept for himself and spends
money on women and booze.

10# Davinion, the Gundealer

A small guy, even for a hiver, with a square jaw and the most unpleasant smile that overlarge, artificial teeth can produce. He is always accompanied by two dames in armored body suits, one of them thin as a needle with neon-blue hair, the other shaved bald and to full of figure to look good in her suit. Both of them openly wear high-caliber pistols. Davinion is small-time gun runner who behaves like he is bigger than he is. The Enforcer could have taken him out twice by now, but he is a snitch to them. His offers include good quality weapons as well as some choice pieces from the famous hive of Gunmetalcity (see IH).



4 thoughts on “10 Dealers of Illicit Goods [for DH]

  1. Hallo Gregorius,
    vielen Dank dafür, dass du die Früchte deiner Schaffenskraft anderen GMs zur Verfügung stellst.
    Ich bin gerade dabei eine DH-Kampagne zusammenzustellen und habe voller Begeisterung das FFG-Forum durchkämmt, um meine Kampagne mit deinen genialen Addons und Ideen zu bereichern.
    Unglücklicherweise sind die meisten Links im Forum nicht mehr gültig. Wenn du Zeit und Muße hättest mir per mail oder anderweitig das eine oder andere Dokument zukommen zu lassen, wäre ich dir zutiefst dankbar.

    Beste Grüße


    1. Hallo Alex,
      hohes Lob, ich danke dafür. =) Ich kann gern schauen was ich noch auf meinen Festplatten habe, das eine oder andere Dokument ist mir aber auch tatsächlich verloren gegangen. Suchst du nach etwas bestimmten bzw. zu einem bestimmten Themenkomplex?


  2. Ich helfe gern wenn ich kann =) Meine eMail-Adresse ist gregorius21778@fantasymail.de (wie auch im Impressum angegeben). Allerdings sind die meisten meiner alten Unterlagen noch auf dem Stand von vor einigen Jahren (sprich: das Englisch ist alles andere als Fehlerfrei). In den kommenden Tagen werde ich immer wieder ein paar “aufpolierte” Versionen veröffentlichen. Es lohnt sich also, meinem Blog zu folgen 😉


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