[SHA & Freebee] 6 Mutated Game Animals

Today I released a new product of mine: 20 Game Animals for the Weird, Irradiated Post-Apocalpyse. It is a list of mutated beasts that could end up in the PC´s stomach after a successful hunt.  After all, one cannot feed them giant rats, eleven-eyed carp and scaly hares all the time, right? Each entry includes a brief description of the creature, estimate about how many rations one could gain from it once it is dead and some come with a suggestion about how to hunt it. It is up to the GM if each creature is a unique mutant or a member of a new species (and how quick such a new species will be become extinct in a region as the survivors or “Neo-Humans” begin to hunt it). Of course, this creatures could just a well be used in SciFi setting, as a weird menagerie collected from different dimensions or as the pets a mad scientist populates a remote island with.

The thing you will like the most, dear reader, is that I will post the first six entries right here, for your enjoyment and your personal, non-commercial use. Turn them into a d6 table for the next hunting trip of your group if you want to.

01# A gigantic snail roughly the size of a sheep. While its shell is hard enough to protect it against most predators, a hungry character with the right tool (e.g. a crowbar or another sturdy lever) will be able to get to the slimy meat-like stuff. Needless to say, a giant snail is no delicacy and after “cooking” it in its own shell all that remains is only enough to feed three persons for a day. It is next to impossible to preserve the “meat” (and thereby get actual rations from it) as it spoils quickly even after being cooked. But at least, a giant snail is neither difficult nor dangerous to hunt.

02# A brood of over-sized, six-legged mole rats.  These creatures dwell underground and thereby tools for digging are needed to “hunt” them, but a simple shovel or spade will do the trick. After the PC dug about three feet deep, the same tools can be used to kill the prey quickly. Each of these creatures is about the size of a bunny and it takes two of them for one meal/ one ration. Luckily, a nest contains 5d6 adult creatures.

03# A creature similar to a horse, but with a duck-like head, spout and feet. The beast is most likely to be found near a very large lake or at the bank of wide river where it feeds on plants (or very small animals). With its large size this creature is no easy prey and requires either firearms, large jaw traps, a skilled archer or a courageous group of hunters with spears. But if this animal is put down it provides enough meat for up to 80 meals/rations. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that the hunters will have the means to preserve all this food (and if they have, actually doing so would take more than a day).

04# A man-sized, cone-shaped plant with a mouth-like opening at the top and  a dozen liane-like tendrils around it. These strange plant shares many characteristics of an animal and has the ability to sense movement around it (with a number of thin but translucent “hairs” on its outside) and to capture small animals by grabbing them with its tentacles. It drops its prey is through the opening into the fluid-filled center of its body where the prey drowns and is digested over the next couple of days. But this diet is only supplemental to it, as the plant-thing is capable of photosynthesis and rooted into the ground. The later aspect makes it an easy target for a prepared team of hunters: all one needs to do is to chop off the tentacles with a sharp blade (in a concerted effort) and then chop down the whole plant. The body of it contains about enough spongy “meat” for about five rations, but it will go off after one or two days.

05# A dog-like, wingless bird creature with brown-red feathers, a small head with large eyes and a short, crooked beak. The creature is usually encountered in small groups (1d6+1 animals), walks on four long legs and is capable of quick sprints. It is a predator and able to deal fierce wounds with its beak, but it is not very bright. The safest way to kill it is to trap it.  Once it is slain its meat will provide enough for six meals/rations.

06# A six-legged, crab-like creature the size of a small cooking pot. It is protected by a thick shell and spends most of its life on trees, where it climbs up to eat fruits or plunders bird nests.  The creature´s front pincers are strong enough to sever a man´s finger but a skilled hunter can grab those before this happens and thereby render it helpless. If another hunter helps in killing the creature (by cracking it shell open with a hammer, an ax or a similar tool) its lobster-like meat will provide enough for 2 meals/rations.


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