Die Drop Table for You

I made my very first Die Drop Table, and I want to share with you. Naturally, it is something Post-Apocalyptic as this is a genre I like a lot. The little thing you are going to find below will help you to generate an encounter with (other) human survivors by the drop of three dice (a d6, a d8 and d10).


The sum of the d6 and d10 tells you how many individuals are encountered ( 2- 16).

The location of the d10 (the field it ended up in) tells you who they are (e.g. marauders, nomads, etc.)

The location and result of the d6 tells you what they are currently doing (most of the time, the characters will encounter people who are traveling themselves).

The location and result of the d8 tells you something special about this group (e.g. infected, riding on horses, demanding a toll, all dead, etc.)

Et voilá! There is your inspiration for your next encounter! If one of the results tells you to generate a second group of people, just roll the d10 and the d6 to determine who this second group is and how many they are (see above).

If you would like to have a PDF version of it, go over to drivethrurpg.com where you will find it as a pay-what-you-want-product.

By the by, if you need more inspiration for such encounters: I already have Post-Apocalyptic Weather in my pwyw-portfolio as well as 99 Names for Roadwarrior Vehicles and 6 Trade Offers. If you are not averse to spending a little coin, I even offer you 100 Names for Post-Apocalyptic Tribes, 99 Names for Post-Apocalyptic Settlements and Looks & Details of Post-Apocalyptic Marauders. Just saying…! *winks*





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