[SHA] 99 Exotic Sounding Names

Do you need a name for an alien planet, ambassador, star ship or civilization? Are you the GM in a Swords & Sorcery RPG and want a non-human name for a non-human race, or for the city of this race or for one of their warriors? Does your game include chthonic god-things and demons of the outer dark, and you want names for them and their spawns? Or are you just out of names for your dark elves, atlantians and/or pseudo-egyptian valleys?

Well, as you will already guess I have made a new release at drivethrurpg.com, and this time it is 99 Exotic Sounding Names. Below you are going to find 25 of the 99 names for free (if you want more, I want 50 cent from you).

The thing I like a lot about making name lists is the idea that there might be people out there who flesh out their universe with them. Over time, I generated quite a number of name lists. Among the Pay-what-you-want-titles, you are going to find 100 names for androids and other artificial beings, 100 names for starships in private hands, 100 Sternenschiffnamen (German starship names with a space-gothic-touch to them), 132 German names, 99 Names for Roadwarrior Vehicles and 99 Names for Space Colonies & Fringe Worlds.

Those who are willing to spent a coin can have 100 Names of Post-Apocalyptic Tribes, 99 Names for Post-Apocalyptic Settlements and a set of three 100-word-tables to generate Strange & Cruel Personal Titles.

And guess what? Nobody says that the one thing cannot be the other. One man´s Roadwarrior Vehicle could be another man´s starship, and the other way around. The name I use for a post-apocalyptic settlement could be the name of some godforsaken planet at the fringes of colonized space.

If I ever going to play something with a SciFi-Theme again, I am going to have most of the names I will need then. But my next game is going to be about Scenic Dunnsmouth, and with a bit of luck I will have a group ready to play a session this Friday. I really look forward to have a try at LotFP.


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