The Forgotten Cloakroom

Sometimes, people revive very old topics. “PrincessOfPilbarra” did so in the by posting a “thank you” under a topic from 2012 where “Treant_on_Fire” started a funny little project: he provided a simple map on his blog and asked the people to fill the rooms (see the original post).  Of course, this was already set and done but the fellow forum user “NortsBot” could not help himself and posted his idea for room 01#. Well, I felt like being creative, so I wrote a room myself. Care to join? Get over to the, get yourself an account, read the original post and contribute a room. Or don´t , and just read further to have a look at my Forgotten Cloakroom. Perhaps have a use for it.

02# Cloakroom

All doors to this room are stuck (but not locked) and thereby call for a check for Open Doors. Once one of them is opened, the characters are greeted by a waft of moldy air and the smell of mothballs. The walls are lined with tatters and rags of what once were overcoats and jackets, and a number of small cabinets hold the remains of different hats and footwear. Among that, partially hidden behind a hallstand that is thick with cobwebs, the mummified remains of man with a powdered wig and a lackey uniform can be found. Just a few seconds after  a character has entered the room, the mummy will come to life and rasp „May I have your coat?“ while reaching out, staring at the nearest PC with empty eye sockets and a rictus grin.

The Mummy Lackey will not attack anybody unless the characters attack it first or try to take something that is not theirs (but it will protest first and try to take back what the PC took). It is a HD 0 Monster with 8 Hit Points. If it is hit a cloud of dust rises from its dried-out body and every character in the same room must pass a Saving Throw vs. Poison or will be stunned for the next 1d4 rounds as he or she coughs and wretches.

Almost anything in this room is decayed to the point of uselessness, but characters that Search the room successfully may find a silver brooch (4 sp), four fine copper buckles (1 sp each), a hatpin with the splinter of a blue gem (3 sp) and a set of brushes with ornamented silver handles (7 sp for the whole set).


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