Encounters on a Haunted Road in the Carpathians of Old

Today I released 20 Encounters on a Haunted Road in the Carpathians of Old on drivethrurpg.com.

It is the unexpected child of a movie night with a good friend of mine. We watched a recent “Dracula” movie that was so bad that I won´t even drop its name here, it shall be left untold. On my way home I decided to make lemonade out of this lemon of an experience and the result is this supplement. It includes twenty encounters that PC may have on or next to a road through a woodland region near a mountain. Nine of the encounters have supernatural elements to them, all of them will fit into a dark/weird fantasy campaign.

…and as none of you folks visits my blog to read my shameless house advertising, I thereby present to you encounter #20: The siren song

20# The siren song (LoFP-compatible)

Out of the wild the characters hear a beautiful female voice singing. Those who listen to it must pass a Saving Throw vs Magical Devices. If they fail, they become mesmerized will want to find out who is singing (and thereby follow the sound into the wilderness). They won´t allow other characters to stop them. After a mesmerized PC has wandered for a turn, he or she may roll another Saving Throw vs. Magical Devices. If it is passed the spell falls from the PC, and the character realizes that he or hse could have never heard a song so clearly from that far away.

A character that continues to follow the voice will reach what looks like the entrance of a bear cave in the side of a hill. Numerous bones lie scattered in front of the entry, and characters who are not affected by the siren song may recognize that these are the bones of a black bear … and a number of humans, so there are no skulls. The cave leads into the hill and grows smaller while it describes a curve. At a point where no sun reaches into the darkness anymore, the ground is lined by half a dozen human skulls in irregular intervals, all placed so that the their empty eye sockets stare up to those who enter, and the air reeks of decay and death. At the end, a naked feral woman rests on a rotten, untanned bear skin. She looks at any “intruder” with yellow-gleaming eyes as she gets onto all fours. While she opens her mouth a set of fangs briefly come into view before the character´s light source suddenly dies and everything becomes dark.

The feral vampire will not leave the dark parts of the cave and is a HD: 3 monster that deals 1d6+1 damage. It only receives half damage from non-magical weapons. The GM should take note that it is impossible to fight with a great weapon in the cave, and those fighting with medium weapons suffer a (-2) penalty to their attacks. If the feral vampire woman is killed by non-magical weapons, is not burned or is not destroyed by sunlight or a stake through the heart, she will come back to life the next night.


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