[SPOTLIGHT] SCIFI DDT from Miska Fredman

From time to time you find something so beautiful that you want to share it. This SciFi Die Drop Table made by Miska Fredman is one of those things. I don´t really know the man, as my only contact with him was over the Chthonian Highways Google+ group so far. It was more or less by accident that I stumbled upon one of his maps/die-drop-tables. Back then, I was trying to get familiar with the concept of a DDT and tried to learn by studying the examples of others. And I really like THAT example for sure.

First and foremost, this thing is beautiful. You really see that there was somebody at work that loves to draw and has some experience. The design is simple, functional but still it was created to be an eye-candy. If you hold my “function-over-style” Post-Apocalyptic DDT next to it, it looks just plain ugly (or just more so).

Second, it offers so much different options. You really have a lot in that small box (or small assortment of boxes), just enough for a group of characters stumble around a space ship or space station with a “lets see what is -here-” approach. You could use it to improvise a session where a crew enters an old, derelict construct in space and would be able to pull that off in a believable fashion without breaking into a sweat. Okay, you should perhaps add some corridors to it by design (and not even when the die lands on the field for it), but it would work out.

Third, I see so much potential uses here. Are your characters starting to chase a criminal down a space station? Here you can determine his route at random while the PC try to catch up with him while they avoid the stray blaster shots he fires at them.

Are your characters a boarding party that fight their way through a huge enemy ship in order to reach a certain area “that should be HERE, according to our knowledge of this ship type”? There is your table to generate what REALLY is on their route.

Do your characters engage in deep space salvage operations and and want to know which parts of the wreck seem stable and loot-able? Here you go, just keep in mind that all people that are encountered a likely to be vacuum-mummies.

Do your characters walk through and  abandoned arcology in a cyberpunk or post-apocalyptic scenario, in order to find a control room to salvage valuable chips? Well, this map will have you covered as well. The “guards” and people encountered will be (armed) vagrants and nomads or other do-no-goods that took up residence in this place.

Cheek out Miska´s other stuff as well, he seems to have some really nice maps on his site for personal use, too!



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