Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S01/P02)

Second part of Session 01

As the fight was over, Cormagh helped Angus to tend his wounds (which were pretty bad, as the PC was down to zero hit points) while Jasper began to look around inside the church. As neither the priest in the pulpit nor any of the four figures on the different pews had move at all or had made as much as a sound during the fight, it was no surprise to the group that all of them were dead. What did came as a surprise was that all of the corpses were stuffed like animals and that their eyes and lips were sewn shut. The only exception to this was the corpse of in the priests garment, inside of the pulpit: here, the mouth was kept open with the help of a few wooden splinters (and the corpse was secured to the pulpit both by rope and by the left arm being nailed to it). Among the corpses were two of the bandits they were after (Martian O´Brian and the guy who was only known as Edward), the other two were a young guy (16 years old) and an old woman. The attire of both suggested that they could be locals. Otherwise, the search revealed nothing but the church chronic (a leather bound tome), a bible (at the pulpit) and a trap door leading below.

Jasper decided to check the room their assailant came out of. A light was still shining in their, but they had noted no move our sound from the room as they had checked the bodies. In the meanwhile, Angus put himself to rest onto one of the pews while Cormagh searched the body of the attacker before closing the church portal (by locking it with a large bar he found in the corner). The search of the dead body produced nothing more than his old Great-Ax, his leather armor, a few copper pieces and a key ring with some keys. Upon entering the room to the left (which the PC already had expected to be the quarters of the priest) Jasper became witness of another dreadful scene: the wooden desk that took up much of the room had obviously been used as a working table for taxidermy, both the tools of the trade as well as lots of large blood splatters were still present. The other door, leading out of the small, annex was nailed shut from within (with wood that obviously belonged to a pew), the hammer and several nails were still laying in front of the door. Jasper searched the room and found among some rations and the worldly belongings of the priest an assortment of candles, different wooden stakes, garlic, some small glass vials with a clear liquid and a strongbox (which they opened later with one of the keys: it contained more than 800 sp). Under the bed they found a LOT of straw.

By then, the characters (and the players alike) were puzzled and worried by the cause of events. They had found out that the madmen they had killed (who but a madmen would do something like THIS?) was not the priest (as they had guessed at first), as the robes they had found were much to small for a man of his size. The money they had found was much more than they had expected: they were aware that the Church gathered tithe, but how could a community that was isolated and did little trading gather so much money? Who was that madmen, and where were the other two wanted criminals? Who where the other two corpses, weren´t those people missed? And what was it with with the light outside? It should be dark by now, or sunset at least, but nothing had changed a bit since their arrival at the pier! And why had they found the tools of a vampire hunter?

As they opened the trap door, they did so very, very cautiously. A breath of foul, damp air greeted them as it opened up with a squeak. As it turned out, the cellar of the church was flooded (quote from Jasper´s player; while face-palming) “…of course.. how could it have been otherwise…”). They inspected it anyway, but found nothing of interest. Afterwards, they laid themselves to rest, but not before they had barred the church portal, beheaded the two stuffed criminals (“a price on their heads”), moved all the bodies into the priest´s quarters and set the trap back up that Angus had triggered (with some fishing line Jasper had with him). The door to t he priest´s quarter they barricaded with further pews (but not before they brought the bed into the church room). Jasper took the bed, Angus took his bedroll and slept on a pew and Cormagh showed a lag of piety by doing the same on the altar (none of the others made a thing out if. After a day like this…). As they woke up, the light was still as it was before and they were not sure if they had really slept at first. But soon they realized that they indeed must have slept, and it crossed their mind that they had another problem: the ship Madlein would pick them up in five days and expected them to wait at the pier… but how should they keep track of day and night?

To be continued….


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