This is a shout-out to the DarkHeresy/BlackCrusade/RogueTradere fan community, and a re-post from an original post of Gregor Eisenstein, from rollforheresy.net.

“Okay, so it’s true that the site took a heck of a hit recently and both content and members have been lost. We’ll have to put in some hard work to get it back but thankfully there’s some good news. Firstly, Messiahcide has corrected the original issue so such a huge loss will not happen again and secondly, sad as it is to say, FFG loses the license next month. This is the perfect time to get the remaining members at the FFG forums to come on over and join us. The question is, how do we do that? Firtsly we need to get this place looking busy again! Please post as much content as you can, even if (especially if actually) its content that was up before the loss. Let’s also start up some discussions on the boards and get something resembling life again to return to the boards.

I’m starting Forgotten Gods later this month so I’m aiming to contribute by running an ongoing GMs log. Additionally, I *may* put videos of the play sessions if I get my players to agree to it.

See you on the boards!”

As the FFG-Forums for their (former) 40K-line will go to the archives soon, I am going to focus on rollforheresy.net instead. If you are a fan of the line, if you have material to contribute, if you -had- provided material that got lost but could provide it again… please do so!


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