More SciFi-Names and a Mini-Dungeon

It is time for some more shameless house advertising!

HEY! Stay here, there are pay-what-you-want titles as well!

First of all, there is a new pay-what-you-want title waiting for you: 100 German, Neo-Romantic Starship Names. The 100 names are (with a few exceptions) the same as in my German title “100 Sternenschiffnamen”. The difference main is that this product includes an (English) translation and/or explanation of the name´s meaning. All of them have a neo-romantic (or pseudo-gothic) vibe to them. They will fit well into Space-Gothic-Operas, Grimdark universes of every kind, Space-Nazi-Campaigns or the adventures of Space-Vampire-Lords (or those who hunt them).

If you like this list, please check out the following (older) pwyw titles as well :

99 Names for Space Colonies and Fringe Worlds
132 German Names (just first and last name, nothing spacey about them)
100 Names for Androids and Other Artificial Beings
100 Names for Starships in Private Hands

In addition to that, I am proud to present a MutantFuture(tm)compatible mini dungeon: the Cavern of the Green Waterroot. A quick little romp through a cavern infested with flesh-eating flies and… well, see for yourself. Basically, it is all about this plant here:

“As the name already suggests, the Green Waterroot is an aquatic plant. It looks like drifting, pale-green vines with heart-shaped leaves. The part of it that is valued by herbalists is that it was named after: its long, fine green roots that make up 2/3 of the plant (but float under the surface). When dried, grounded down into a powder and mixed with water, it is a potent remedy against most infections and fevers (and grants a +4 to all Saving Throws to overcome said health issues). To take effect the medicine must be taken thrice a day, and each dose (a spoon full) of it is worth 2 gp. Green Waterroot is a very rare plant that only seems to grow in water that is slightly radioactive (equal to Radiation Class 1 with an interval of one hour between each Saving Throw or less).”


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