[Spotlight] The Art of JFlaxman

And now, to something completely different. I would like to introduce you to the artwork of the jflaxman on deviantart.com.  I don´t know the person behind this nickname, but from the quality of what I see I could imagine that he is a professional.

I personally like After the rain, as it is something I could imagine to acquire as a print to hang it into my living room. As somebody who likes to read/write/watch things that are related to the post-apocalyptic, I have to admire the battlecar artwork he titled Cordoba as well as a picture named Last Voyage of the Charon. If will have to describe a small, run-down ship for a private RPG session again, I will for sure remember the “Charon”  as a base for the description.

For a dark/weird fantasy game, his more sinister artwork like Anguish or the Panniculus provide plenty of inspiration for supernatural and otherworldy horror. Especially as jflaxman writes stories to his pictures as well (see the Panniculus or his scifi-artwork Diamaur Rider).  And there are lots and lots and lots of those strong, macabre and unsettling pictures in his portfolio, enough to compensate for every lag of nightmares one might have.

Thereby, I advise every reader of my blog (the few that I have) to stop by and take a look. Pour yourself a cup of tea or a mug of coffee and browse a little. Chances are that this will be a better way to spend your time than switching between tv channels.


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