Eric F. & the Things in the Wake of Elder Gods

Once again, I want to direct your attention to a post by Eric F. on his blog swordsandstitchery. On the 23rd of January 2017 Eric posted an article that contains a d20 table of his own design with Random Remains of the Passing of the Mythos. If you run Chthonian Highways you can use any of these results to provide your players with a scary reminder that the world is not theirs anymore. If you play Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm) you can easily use this as the inspiration for a godforsaken, twisted location your (by comparison) mundane PC will stumble upon in their next adventure. If you run a game in CARCOSA or play BlackCrusade this could just be what one expects as soon as one ventures into the realms of the gods. In a game of DarkHeresy, a team of the Ordo Malleus might find themselves in a place like that after a major warp incursion (“corruptions points per hour” seem appropriate here).

My salutations to Eric F. for his creativity.



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