Bargain Deals & Free Offers (of OTHER publishers)

I would like to inform you all about a $1-Sale that is currently going on at Fat Goblin Games. Till the end of this week, a lot of products of said Publisher (both Supplements and StockArt) will be available for $1.00 Dollar (which, in my opinion, is a really good price for what you get). According to Fat Goblin Games, this sale is meant as a fundraiser, as the publisher tries to get $500 USD this way to make a donation to the Rape Crisis Center of Horry County.

Aside from this bargain deal, I would like to bring a free offer from The Forge Studios to your attention. The latest release of the publisher is The Lost Temple of the Wormgod, a free RPG aid (for personal use). What you get is a (simple) map of the region, a picture of the (broken) portal that leads into the hidden temple, and of course map of the temple itself (the dungeon). All of this comes with a lot of space for your personal notes. If you have the ideas for an adventure but don´t want to draw your own map, this product is for you. And it is not the only free map of The Forge Studios.

But if you would excuse me for now…

…I got my hand on very neat looking, bizarre mini-rpg that is called Fleshscape. This pay-what-you-want title provides you a world where everything in the environment is part of a living, breathing, weird world of organ, sinew, bones and a lot of other things that belong to a (human?) body. They players take the role of the leaders of a small nomad tribe that tries to survive and and thrive in this merciless place were the flesh you walk on is inedible, you drink Clearblood and everything you make use of in your daily life (weapons, tools, clothes, food) was either harvested from the world-thing you life upon, from some monster… or form another human.

It is only eight pages long and “rules-light”, but it seems to give you all you need to run the game, has a nice idea for a game world and has two other nice ideas in regard to the rules. But that is something for another blog post…



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