[SHA] The Aberrant Form

Oh, it is so good to be online again! Starting with last Saturday, I was not online against my will (my router gave up on me). All the things I had to read up on today… oh, and this title of mine that had been waiting for its release since the weekend. Yes, dudettes and dudes, I am happy to announce that Weird Contaminated World Vol. 03: The Aberrant Form is on sale now. And as nobody reads my blog for my advertisement, I will share  20 of the mutant powers with you in this article.

01# Additional Arms (Extra Parts)
The mutant has an additional pair of fully functional arms, just beneath the original ones. If the character´s Dexterity is 12 or higher, he or she may make an additional attack in melee with these. Otherwise, the mutant may still use them to carry further weapons, equipment or a shield but it is impossible for the character to wield two two-handed weapons at once. Any armor the mutant is going to wear must be custom-fit, which may increase the price by up to 20% (GM´s choice).

02# Additional Atrophied Arms (Extra Parts)
As above, but the mutant´s additional arms are short, degenerated and located near the center of the chest. They may still be used to hold additional items and small weapons (like a pistol) but my not be used to handle equipment that must be held away from the body (e.g a torch). The arms may be hidden under normal clothes and even under armor (so this is very uncomfortable).

03# Additional Ears (Extra Parts)
A number of 1d3+1 functional, additional ears grow on both sides of the character´s head. The mutant may thereby re-roll any hearing-based test once.

04# Additional Ears (Extra Parts)
The character´s face sports 1d4 functional, additional eyes. The mutant may thereby re-roll any sight based test once.

05# Additional Rips (Extra Parts)
The mutant´s skeleton includes much more rips that protect his or her vital organs. The character´s Dexterity is treated as two points lower when calculating the DEX Bonus, but the mutant gains +3 Hit Points for every five points of CON (round up).

06# Additional Vital Organs (Extra Parts)
Every part that the mutant´s body that is crucial is present at least twice in his or her body. As a result, the character may re-roll any failed Saving Throw vs. Death once per adventure.

07# Animal Roar (Xenomorphism)
The vocal chords of the mutant are partly ossified, like that of a lion. While the character has problems to form words with more than two syllables, he or she may give a fearsome roar. Once per combat, the character may roar at the enemy instead of using an attack. Any opponents with no more than 4 HD or with a Moral not higher than 6 must check Moral at once. At the GM´s discretion, superior numbers may negate this effect.

08# Bee Stinger Tail (Natural Weapon)
The mutant has developed a scorpion-like tail with a stinger on it that her or she may use to attack in melee. On a successful attack the stinger will deliver a Class 12 poison, but will break off in the process. The stinger takes 2d6+2 days to regrow.

09# Bioluminescence (Xenomorphism)
A high number of light-generating organs are spread all over the mutant´s skin, the character may activate and deactivate them at will (which takes one round of concentration). The light will dimly illuminate an area of 5 to 15 feet (depending on how much of the mutant´s skin is exposed).

10# Blood-Squirter (Natural Weapon)
The mutant is able to squirt a spray of a foul, bloody fluid from behind his or her slightly bulging eyes, and may use this ability as a melee attack once per combat (automatic hit). A victim of this attack must pass a Saving Throw vs. Poison or is going to be blinded for 1d3 combat rounds. A bit of the bloody fluid will get into the eyes of the mutant as well, and the character will thereby suffer a (-1) penalty to all melee attacks and a (-3) penalty to all ranged attacks for one turn.

11# Body Fat Padding (Xenomorphism)
The mutant looks sturdy or chubby, and his or her body has developed a deposits of body fat that provides an excellent protection against minor cuts and scratches. The Body Fat Padding functions as a special Accumulated Resistance (see p. 28 of the Mutant Future core rules) against melee attacks that only deal up to three points of damage in one blow (actual damage, not potential damage). The hit point reserve is equal to the character´s CON. In addition, the mutant gains a +1 bonus on all Saving Throws made against the effect of cold.

12# Cold-Blooded (Xenomorphism)
While the mutant is not really cold-blooded, his or her metabolism is much more endothermic than exothermic. As a result, the character only needs half as much food as he normally would, but suffers from a (-1) penalty in cool environments (e.g. at night, in the early morning or in cool subterranean locations), cold temperatures may lead to even more sever penalties, and all cold-based attacks do one additional point of damage per die. On the other hand, the mutant gains a +1 or +2 bonus in warm or hot climate.

13# Crab Claw (Natural Weapon)
One or both of the lower arms of the mutant have turned into vicious, crab-like claws. If both were transformed, the mutant gains one additional attack but has no fine manipulators and cannot wield most items or weapons. The damage of an attack with a Crab Claw is determined by 2d8, and the highest result is kept. If both dice show an “8”, the victim must pass a Saving Throw vs Death or some part of his or her body is dismembered. Alternatively, the GM may rule that the attack destroyed an opponents melee weapon or armor (if possible).

14# Dead-Reflex (Xenomorphism)
Like an opossum, the mutant may “play dead” from one moment to the other, in a fashion that will convince even the majority of predators. The character may stay in this state for up to a turn, but will suffer from a (-1) penalty to all rolls for the next three turns.

15# Enlarged Adrenalin Glands (Enlarged Parts)
After 1d3+3 combat rounds of stress (actual combat or other dangerous situations), the character´s enlarged glands will flood his system with adrenaline. As a result, the mutant´s melee damage will be increased by +1 for a turn and his or her Initiative will be increased by +3. The turn afterwards, the character will suffer a (-1) penalty to all tests due to exhaustion. If the adrenaline glands are triggered again during a phase of exhaustion, the penalty is subtracted from the bonus and the duration of the exhaustion is increased by another turn.

16# Enlarged Brain (Enlarged Parts)
The character´s brain is much larger than normal, as is his or her head. The mutant my re-roll all Technology Rolls once.

17# Enlarged Ears (Enlarged Parts)
The mutant´s ears are much larger than usual and thereby increase his or her hearing. The character may re-roll all hearing based tests.

18# Enlarged Eyes (Enlarged Parts)
The mutant´s eyes are much larger than usual and thereby increase his or her sight. The character may re-roll all sight based tests.

19# Eye-Stalks (Xenomorphism)
The eyes of the mutant rest on stalks that may extend out of the sockets up to one foot. They are flexible and may be used to look around corners. In addition, if the character´s eye or eyes are harmed or destroyed, they will regrow fully after 1d3+2 weeks.

20# Fangs (Natural Weapon)
The mutant´s mouth sports a set of fangs that allows an additional, free attack in hand-to- hand combat or may be used as a standard melee attack if the last attack of the opponent failed to hit (roll a d6 to determine the type fangs):

1 Poison fangs: two retractable fangs, like that of a snake. They do 1 point of damage and
may insert a poison up to three times a day, which class is determined with 2d6 at
character creation.
2-4 Fangs like that of a wolf, which will cause 1d4+1 points of damage
5-6 The mouth of the character is replaced by two rows of sharp teeth, not unlike the maw of a shark. A successful bite attack will do 1d8 points of damage, but the mutant is unable to to speak in a way that is clearly understandable.


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