Traits for 40k Underhive Gangers

40K underhive gangs. I don´t know about you, but I cannot say (or write) the word without pictures of brutal men forming in my mind, short haired or bald, muscle-packed and tattooed, with a mean gleam in their eyes and a dastardly grin on their faces. They are the kind of people that survive by […]

[SHA] 50 Mythic Abilities

The legends and myths of old greek and other ancient civilizations are full of heroes and anti-heroes who have abilities and powers beyond the pale, powers which were often the result of kinship to a god or half-good, a gift of one or something that had been stolen from them. Our more modern stories, like […]

About Light Rods

Mutant Future(tm) is mostly known for the wacky mutations and retro-scifi items. But some of the equipment in the „Technological Artifacts“ sections are actually everything but far out and may be easily adapted to more serious SciFi or Cyberpunk settings. One of those items is the Light Rod. The following is a quote from the […]

A different take on OSR healing spells

Lamentations of the Flame Princess and some other OSR games suggest to use (slightly) alternate versions of our own world as backdrop for adventure games. This approach has a lot of advantages, as everybody is able to read up on a given area via or other websites like this one (for the Tudor Area). […]

[SHA] Codes of Conduct

Time for another release. This time I leave the post-apocalypse and the weird realms of dark-fantasy behind me for a while to enter the Kingdom of Vanilla Fantasy in order to release Codes of Conduct. This title provides you 35 possible principles for (guess what?) codes of conduct. A GM that wants to create a […]

Using Fleshscape in other RPG

The world of the micro-RPG Fleshscape (which I wrote about in my last post)is a rather special one, and it thereby does not look ripe for adaption at first. But I think that the idea and (most of all) the basic economy of this weird world may be useful for an odd session or two […]

[Spotlight] Fleshscape

Lately, a pay-what-you-want Micro-RPG named „Fleshscape“ caught my attention. The eight page PDF contains a few rules and an interesting idea: the player characters slip into the role of leaders of a primitive nomad tribe (think „stone age“ here, or “early Native American civilization”) in a world where the whole of the surface is a […]